Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005

Sushi and a Movie

Sometime last week when I was at work, at the office, I had mentioned that I wanted to see the movie 'The Ex0rcism of Emily R0se'. Traci, one of my coworkers, yelled across the room,"I wanna see it too!" At the time, I told her that we'd have to make plans to see it this week.

We decided to go see it last night. Directly after her and I got off work, we headed out to dinner at a new restaurant that just opened last week. Traci had been there over the weekend with one of her other friends and then reported to all of us at the office that the food was excellent. When she told me about the location of the restaurant I pretty much knew where she was referring to. As it turned out, the new restaurant is in the same building as a bar that my friends and I used to go to until it lost its liquor license and had to be shut down. It looked quite different inside. They painted the walls white which made it look a lot lighter inside. Instead of the dance floor, there were a few long tables where people were eating. I wasn't used to not seeing the long, wooden, horse shoe shaped bar that used to sit there. In what used to be the pool room, there was a sushi bar where Traci and I sat down to eat.

Last night was Traci's first time eating sushi. Before our orders came out, she was like,"I hope I like this." The waiter explained some of the items on the menu before we placed our order. Her and I sat and talked, unwinding from the day we both had at work while we watched our meal being prepared. It was nice getting out of the office and not having to rush right to the restaurant to waitress. Before our sushi was brought out, the waitress hooked us up with a free salad which I thought was nice of her. I am always a little leary about eating at a new restaurant and this time was no exception. However, I was delightfully surprised at how good the sushi was. Traci really liked it too. We kept making fun of one another while we were eating our salads with the chopsticks that were provided. Neither one of us was very good at using them. Even so, we managed to scarf down our food so that our stomach's were very full when we were done. At least now I have a friend who I know will go out for sushi with me since none of my other friends like it.

While Traci and I waited for Janelle to meet us at the movie theater after we ate, we sat in her car with the windows rolled all the way down and each smoked a cigarette. It was a really beautiful day outside. The sun was shining and it wasn't hot, but warm with a slight breeze. For awhile we sat there and watched the people who were walking by us; still keeping an eye out for Janelle's car. We then decided to get out of the car and get our movie tickets while we were waiting. No sooner did I step into the restroom is when Janelle got there.

The movie had just started when we walked in the theater. All was dark and the words "The Ex0rcism of Emily R0se" were flashing on the big screen. Traci led us into the theater, to one of the very first rows because she didn't want to disturb anyone who was already seated. It was the closest to the screen I have ever sat I think. Surprisingly though, my neck wasn't all that strained. I'm not going to ruin the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I thought it was good. There were a lot of scenes in the movie that you would expect, since it is about an exorcism, but I liked how the main setting took place in the courtroom, then spun off into Emily's story. At every scary part I would see Traci jump about ten feet out of her seat. Janelle said that Traci scared her more than the movie did. I think the scariest part for me was that it is supposed to be based on a true story. Adam saw an interview with the priest who did the exorcism in real life and the priest said it was the worst exorcism he had ever seen. As we walked out of the theater I heard a lot of people saying that it was a hell of a good movie.

Last night was just a really relaxing night for me. It's been so long since I went out to eat with a friend or went to see a movie in the theater. I've been working more often than usual lately, and have just gotten caught up with other things I guess. It was nice to take a few hours and just have some time for myself and do something that I wanted to do. Traci had a nice time too. She said we'll have to make it a thing to do after work once every few weeks and I agreed. Sushi, then a movie; what a fun night.

missdahling at 3:31 pm