Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Last night after I got home from work Adam was still sleeping. It's understandable, considering he worked from 11pm - 7am the night before. I didn't want to wake him, so I layed down beside him and fell asleep myself, even though the plan was to get something to eat right after I got home and I was really hungry. Whatever. He ended up waking up before me, shook me slightly; just enough to stir me in my sleep, and told me he was going out and would bring something home for dinner before he had to be back at work by 11pm. About 30 minutes later I woke up and watched tv for awhile. I kept glancing at the time, wondering when he was going to be home. I was thinking,"God, it's been two hours already ..." When he finally called, he told me that Cindy was going to fill in for him at work and him and some of the guys were going to play cards so he would just bring food home then. Well, thanks for leaving me at home with no mode of transportation and no food!!! Ugh.

This morning when I got up to get ready for work, Adam asked if I'd get him a glass of milk if I had time. After I had gotten ready I didn't really have much time to get him milk, but I went to the refrigerator anyway because I knew he'd do it for me if I would have asked. There weren't any clean cups left, so I poured the milk into a bowl and started to carry it upstairs. Right when I was at the last step I tripped over my own feet, fell and the bowl of milk went flying. Yes, I am aware that I'm probably the only person who trips UP steps instead of down them. Anyhow, I was enraged. Adam yelled at me for getting so upset so as I was walking out the door, I yelled,"Clean up that broken glass because I'm not fucking doing it. I was getting the milk for YOU!" I overreacted but it still pisses me off when I think about it, probably because of what happened last night.

I'm lucky that work isn't as busy today as it was yesterday. Generally, Mondays are usually always busy, but yesterday seemed horrendous. The phones were ringing off the hook. I'd get off the phone with one customer, then as soon as I would hang my phone up, it would literally ring not even a second later. It seemed as though I were the only one answering the incoming calls and it sucked. There wasn't even a lull time between calls like there usually is. And I swear, the most irrate, miserable customers chose yesterday as their day to call and complain. Today when I looked at the phone logs, it showed that I took the majority of the phone calls yesterday. How is it fair that I took over 100 calls when everyone else took about 20 each? I know that people are busy and things get hectic around the office for my co workers, but I'm in the same boat as they are, so something doesn't quite add up.

It hasn't been happening as often as it had been in the past, but lately, I've been finding myself getting so upset over the tiniest, most insignificant things in life. I need to seriously get over it. I hate it when I'm like this. I wish I could be more easy going about certain things. I need to learn "not to cry over spilled milk"!

missdahling at 2:34 pm