Friday, Sept. 16, 2005


I hung out with Liz last night after work for the first time in over a MONTH. It should be illegal for best friends not to see each other for that long. The truth is, I don't even know why it was that long either. We weren't fighting or anything like that. I guess we both just got busy with our own lives or something. She'd call me. I'd miss her call. I'd call her back. She'd miss my call. It went something like that. I hate phone tag. We caught each other up on whatever can happen in a month, which is a lot by the way.

The best news that she told me though, was that Heather is coming home to visit around the 24th or 25th!!!! She will be here for exactly one week. However, it will only be Heather who is visiting because Dan could not get military leave. Him not coming home might be the best thing for her right now anyway seeing as how they fight all of the time and talk about divorce a lot. Maybe this will give her some time to think about things and put them into perspective. I sure hope so. She has a lot to think about too. I'm really sad to say that her and Dan have a rough road paved ahead of them within the next few months and that just fucking sucks. I don't want to see her struggling. I miss her a lot and cannot wait to see her again though! I'm so excited.

Nicole was also at Liz's too when I got there. Her and Matt are moving out of their apartment by October 1st. When I told Adam this later on in the night, he was like,"We should move back in there!" I told him,"No, that place is too creepy." Which it is, but still, the thought did actually cross my mind only because the place is absolutly gorgeos inside. It has a very spacious livingroom, all hard wood floors, two bathrooms, two bedrooms downstairs and 3 rooms upstairs. It's a big apartment and I did love living there, but I don't know, it just seems silly to have moved out two years ago, then move back in. Besides, our lease isn't up until March. The landlords will probably have that place rented out by that time anyway.

Lately, I haven't been staying up very late since I usually work about 15 hours per day and am up fairly early. Last night I was really excited because today, I only work until noon, and I only work one job instead of two. It was nice because I actually got to spend some time with Adam. There are very few nights we get to hang out a lot. He works nights, and the nights he's off I have to get to bed early. It sucks but I appreciate the time I spend with him a lot more.

This weekend I work a lot, but still have a lot of time to do some fun things. As of now I don't have anything planned though. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

missdahling at 12:20 pm