Monday, Sept. 12, 2005

It's Seemed Too Real

"I cannot believe it's supposed to snow tomorrow,"I said with disappointment.

"I know. It's April, it's supposed to be spring!"said *****.

I looked to my right, outside the truck window at the serene, wooded area that surrounded the narrow, dirt road we were traveling on. I glanced over to the driver's seat at ***** who was staring intently at the road, looking straight ahead. For the majority of the ride there was constant conversation up until this point. Although we had stopped talking to one another like we had been, both of us were at ease. The tranquil setting quickly turned to chaos as the truck swerved off the road, quickly tumbling down the steep hill, into the thick woods. "Oh my god! This can't be happening,"I thought to myself. For a split second, I thought I remembered ***** turning the wheel to the right; gradually at first, then abrubtly, but carefully, trying make it the move unnoticable. I wasn't positive though, and there was no time to think about it that moment.

We hit a ditch on the side of the road, but the huge truck tires jumped over it roughly. The black truck tumbled down the steep hill, hitting every bump on the ground on the way, jostling myself around, but very surprisingly not hitting any trees. Within the blink of an eye, we were at the bottom of the big hill we had just awkwardly tumbled down. With a huge splash, the truck abrubtly dove head-first into the deep pond. My vision was blurred, but fastly, I could feel myself sinking to the bottom. I could no longer see the woods or the road. All I could see was the murky water at the bottom of the pond. As quickly as I could, I unfastened my seatbelt. It was a miracle that I was able to get out of the truck considering that I was surrounded by water.

Just as I was about to try and swim to the surface, I saw a shimmer of gold in the otherwise cloudy, muddy water. When I got closer to the bottom, I could see that it was my diamond bracelet that Adam had gotten me for Christmas. I couldn't let it sit there to get all tarnished and worn where no human being would ever see it again. I let my mind wander for just a few seconds to the moment when he gave it to me. Visions of the Christmas tree, the couch we were sitting on and the look in Adam's eyes all flashed through my mind. No, I couldn't let the bracelet go, I had to get it. Afterall, it was what he had given me for our first Christmas together. However, I decided to abandon it when I saw the millions of black leaches, and harmful fish that were surrounding it. Wanting very badly to get out of the pond, I hurried to the surface where I gasped desperatly for air.

Where was *****? It wasn't until then that I remembered he had been with me. I looked for him and called his name as I cried. After awhile I decided to just leave the scene entirely and not tell anyone about this horrible day. I ran through the woods until I came to a road. From there, I ran all the way home, not stopping even once.

"Jennifer?! Why didn't you tell anyone about the accident?!!!?!??!?!" my mother screamed.

I sat on the other end of the phone not saying a word because frankly, I didn't know what to say. I knew what I had done was wrong but at the time, I had been afraid that if everyone knew what had happened with ***** being killed in the crash, they would have blamed me. I knew that they would have somehow found me guilty if I would have told the police, or anyone. Well, now, I actually was guilty.


When I awoke from this dream I was covered in a cold sweat. There were real tears in my eyes and my body was shaking. I couldn't believe it had been a dream. It all seemed too real. This was one of the most realistic, vivid dreams I had ever had in my life. I still can't seem to shake it off.

missdahling at 4:48 pm