Friday, Jul. 29, 2005


I'm rejoicing in the fact that I don't have to work tomorrow. It's the first Saturday since the end of June where I don't have to come in to the office. Mostly everyone is back from their vacations and the schedule is back to normal for the most part. Within the next month or so, a few of my co-workers' schedules will be changing drastically, which means I will probably be effected by it. There's a good possibility that I might be working nights all by myself. There will be other people working with me, but not in the same office. Another person will be needed for weekends too. And if that person is me, I will quit. Weekends are for new people. I've put in my time already. Part of me is wishing that my boss will ask me to cover Saturdays and Sundays just so I can quit. If that happens I'll get a part time job somewhere and go back to school. That might be my only motivation for continuing my education. If I don't quit, I need to take the plunge sometime. I have to sort through things. I feel like time is running out.

This past week I've been really antisocial. I haven't seen or talked to my friends for a little over a week. Of course Tuesday was when Adam went to the hospital because of his eye, but the rest of the week after work I've been going straight home, taking a nap, then maybe playing some Playstation. I've just been really exhausted. I feel bad having not talked to them for this long, but they could have called me too, right? Our New York City trip is rapidly approaching. This is the trip I've been looking forward to the most all summer long and it's finally almost here. We still don't have all the details worked out yet; as in what hotel we are staying in and how we are getting there. Or maybe they've figured it out and I'm unaware because I haven't talked to anyone for what seems like the longest time. I should really see what's going on. Adam and I still want to take a weekend vacation to the beach too. During the first weekend in September the weather will still be nice enough to go. Plus, the rates will be lower so we will most likely just wait until then to go. When summer begins I think of a lot of fun vacations and trips to take but usually I end up not doing half of them because I run out of time and money.

On my lunch break today I finally bought a new hair drier. Now it will finally look normal again as opposed to looking like shit. Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my family and want to look nice. Too bad I don't have anything to wear.

missdahling at 2:20 pm