Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2005


Ten years ago: I was 12 years old, started middle school, cut off a foot of my sister's hair myself when we were bored one Sunday afternoon, wore baby doll dresses a lot, had a huge crush on a guy named Joe, started hanging out with a new group of friends (A, A, J, S, M),

Five years ago: I was in high school, met Adam for the first time, became best friends with Liz, was beginning to finally get over my ex, Jason, was still in contact with my friend, Nick, who I went to my junior prom with, smoked pot for the first time, started listening to rap music, lost my virginity

One year ago: moved in with Adam, lived with Nic and Matt in a haunted house, went to the beach for a weekend, was slightly depressed ...

Yesterday: Adam went to the hospital because his left eye was extremely puffy, very, very red, and hurt like a son of a bitch. He woke me up yesterday morning and said he needed to go to the hospital. He went and the doctor prescribed him some really, really strong eye drops (forget what they're called) because he had a coronary ulcer in his eye. According to the doctor, if Adam would have let the problem go another 24 hrs., he would have been blind in his left eye. He spent the day at home resting, putting two drops in his eye every two hours.

Today: His eye was feeling a little better, but still red and a bit swollen. He went to the optometrist who said it was indeed, an ulcer. After running some eye tests, it was determined that Adam would only need to put in one eye drop every two hours instead of two drops every two hours. Adam has another follow up appointment tomorrow. The optometrist told him that his eye should be healed in about two - three weeks. Until then, he should wear his glasses. Then, he can get new contacts to wear but not sleep in them, which is what caused the illness in the first place.

Tomorrow: is one day away from Friday

Five snacks I enjoy: Sprees, Sweet Tarts, BBQ chips, Kit Kats, popcorn

Five bands where I know the lyrics to most of their songs: Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles, Weezer, Jack Johnson, and Luda

Five things I would do with $100,000,000.00: Give some to friends and family, pay off all bills, buy a house, go back to college, open a clothing shop

Five locations I'd like to run away to: Fiji, Barbados, Italy, England, Alaska

Five things I like doing: going out with my friends, hanging out with Adam, horsebackriding, drinking outside in the spring and summer, opening presents, buying new purses and bags

Five things I'd never wear: socks with sandals, tapered leg jeans, scrunchies, stripes and polka dots together, 80's high top sneakers

Five tv shows I like: Sex & the City, General Hospital, Cops, 20/20, Roseanne

Five famous people I'd really like to meet: Sean William Scott, JFK and Marilyn (in the same room), Dolce and Gabbana, 2Pac (if they were alive)

Five biggest joys at the moment: being in love with Adam, loving that it's summertime, being excited about The Anger Management concert, the fact that my sister is probably coming home to visit tomorrow, I just ordered raviolis; I am starved!

Five favorite 'toys': computer, Playstation 2, cell phone, cards, I dunno ....

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