Saturday, Jun. 18, 2005

Working on a Saturday

I'm working for four hours today to fill in for a coworker because he wanted to take his kids to a water park. At least this will give me my full forty hours this week instead of 36.

After Liz got home from work she messaged me over IM because she saw that I had called earlier. I apologized profusely for missing her birthday last Saturday. I didn't tell her that I went to Six Flags instead; just told her that Adam and I needed to go away for a few days. I'm so glad that I decided to call. I was so stupid for thinking that she was going to hate me. Afterall, she is my best friend and I am hers. If she would have done to me what I did to her, sure I'd be upset, but there is no way I'd hold a grudge for life. That's the great thing about best friends, boyfriends who love you, brothers and sisters, and parents; no matter what you do, they will still love you no matter what inconsiderate, stupid, thoughtless things you do at times.

Last night Adam and I went out, drank beer, and gambled at the bar for a few hours. He shot in a pool tournament that the bar held as well. Some of the guys who shoot in the tournament every week are so good they could make a living being a pool shark. It's really amazing to me because I can't shoot pool at all. I'd like to learn, but when I'm at the bar I'm self conscious about it except for when I'm really, really drunk. And then, I don't make a shot either because I've had too much to drink. Adam is getting really good. He's been practicing a lot so this fall when pool season starts again I'm sure that he'll do very well against some of the best shooters in the league. I wish we wouldn't have gambled so much. We got some of our money back, but still ended up losing some. All in all, I guess we were about $80.00 in the hole. This is the first time in awhile that we've lost that much money gambling. I love gambling, but since I hate losing money I hardly ever do it. Last night I was kicking myself for playing and losing. After two hours of opening tickets we just decided to call it quits and went home.

For months, our bong sat in the closet not being used because the slide broke. Last week Adam came to my job because he had surprises that he had just bought. I knew it would be pot related because whenever he tells me he has a surprise for me, it usually is. For instance, a few years ago he messaged me over IM while I was working and asked if I wanted to hang out that night. After I told him yes he said he had a small surprise. When I got to his house later that night, the 'surprise' was hits from the gravity bong. So last week he showed up at my work with a new bowl and a new slide to show me. We've been using the bowl but last night was the first we used the new slide. The bong kicked both of our asses since it had been collecting dust for awhile.

We then did some kinky shit that I'm not going to write about. But trust me, it was kinky...and it was fun. I've actually never let anyone do that to me before. Afterwards, I washed my face, then fell asleep. Again, I didn't have any nightmares. A lot of my stress has subsided.

missdahling at 10:19 am