Friday, Jun. 17, 2005

Losing a Friend?

My Yahoo horoscope says this: Don't count on clear communication today -- but do count on solving problems

It also says this: That connection you've been waiting for -- and waiting for, and waiting for -- finally happens now. Keep your eyes and ears open for the right person at the right time; the right words will flow right out

Ever since Sunday night I've been having nightmares. I think it's because of stress that is related to work and last weekend. A little earlier today, a customer called our company asking if she would receive a refund if she were to cancel her service because of computer problems. All refund requests are now sent to my boss so he can either approve them or disapprove them. He emailed me back asking if I know what our policies are. Of course I do! It just frusterated me because if I would have known whether or not she would be issued a refund, I would have told her so, not email my boss. I only ask questions about things I'm uncertain of. If I would have had the answer, I wouldn't have asked. The call volume has been quite high today at work due to technical difficulties with our phone system. Our phones were down for the first four hours of my shift yesterday so the calls were backed up until this morning. I could feel my blood pressure rise with every irrate customer I spoke with. Things seemed to have slowed down now though. For the moment, I have some peace and quiet.

Not having talked to Liz yet is really frusterating and stressing me out too. It's my fault too. I deliberatly missed her birthday which was on Saturday night at midnight / Sunday and haven't spoken to her about it yet. The last time I talked to her was last Thursday night. Adam saw her when he picked up food at her job the other day and she asked what was up with me. All he told her was that we went away for a few days. I was utterly pissed off that he mentioned that to her. I had no intentions of hurting her feelings, but I have and now I feel awful. In my mind, I'm coming up with the perfect thing to say to her when we do talk next. I'm replaying over and over again in my head how the conversation will unfold even though I know it will be nothing like I'm imagining. When and if I talk to her, I'm going to be at a loss for words. I keep contemplating what I'm going to say. I just hope my best friend doesn't hate me but I guess I wouldn't blame her if she does. I tried calling her about an hour ago but her voice mail picked up and I didn't leave a message. She's in the middle of lunch rush so if she decides to call me back I probably won't hear from her until later this afternoon. I suck at being a good friend lately.

missdahling at 1:52 pm