Tuesday, May. 24, 2005

Cas' 21st

Matt and Nicole had a party last night. It began around 6 - 7 pm when I was still at work. I met everyone there at midnight after my shift was over. I walked up the familiar steps to what was once my apartment and rang the doorbell. I could hear voices from inside; people laughing. When I walked in I saw Liz, Cassie, Chris, Shari, Nicole, Matt, Mike and Ben all standing in front of the door ready to leave. The smell of a blunt being smoked filled the hallway. Out of the livingroom emerged Jen, Hue, and Zack. Jen proclaimed to Liz and I that she had just smoked for the first time in her entire life. I stood in the hallway with my friends wondering why over half the party was congregating in the hallway. Matt came stumbling in from the livingroom and announced that we were all going to the bar and meeting Nate there.

We all hung out at the bar for awhile. It was Cassie's 21st. I went up to the bar and said to Adam,"I want to buy Cassie a shot for her birthday." He asked,"What kind of shot ?" After thinking for a moment, I replied,"I dunno ... something awful." A moment later he comes back, places the shot in front of Cassie, hands her a small glass with Pepsi in it and said to her,"Here, chase it with this." Old Granddad, now THAT is a 21st birthday shot.

Everyone drank except for Liz. She was driving everyone. I got tipsy off of white russians, my new favorite drink. I sat with Liz and Shari, talking about everything and laughing a lot. It was so fun. The guys shot pool and hung out in the back room. Matt and Nicole brought everyone to the bar but left way before anyone else. I could tell that it was Nicole who wanted to leave, not Matt. When Adam asked them if they wanted another drink, Matt gave Nicole a look and said,"I guess I'm leaving..." Before we left for the bar Nicole told me that she hadn't been feeling well for the last few days so maybe that's why they left. But when Adam and I lived with them she was always 'sick' so I don't know ...

I left with Liz, Shari, Cassie, and Nate. They were all hungry but I was not so I just went to Sheetz with them for the ride. The music was blaring and we were all singing 'My shit is bananas ... B-A-N-A-N-A-S ..."

When I got back to the bar to pick Adam up he had already given out last call and was actually just about ready to go. He just had to wait for a few people to finish up their drinks which didn't take long. As soon as they were done, we were out the door.

Nate came through last night. He sold us a fat twenty which we smoked when we got home. Last night we played Texas Hold'em. I am really learning this game and how to bet. I'm surprising myself because of it. I really surprised myself when my trip eights beat Adam's pair of sevens to win the game. He's like,"Wow, I didn't think you had that at all..." See, I can bluff.

I don't remember falling asleep, but I suppose it was somewhere after we played Grand Theft Auto. I was too fucked up to play so I guess I ended up passing out after I smoked a cigarette. God, I smoke so much when I drink ....

missdahling at 6:52 pm