Wednesday, May. 18, 2005

Quiznos and Other Meaningless Thoughts

My afternoon started off quite nicely. I know that in the future I'm going to long for the days when I partied the night away, then slept until noon and STILL had the stamina to drag my tired ass into the office to work and then do it all over again that night as well.

Time seems to pass by slowly after you've smoked. Although it's only 3:30 right now it feels as though it's two hours later. I'm going to be a little bummed out when it wears off and I have to endure work without the hazy feeling that I'm experiencing at the moment.

Adam pulled the car into the parking lot at the Eagles a little over an hour ago. He gave me a kiss just as he was about to open the car door. We exchanged goodbyes and I watched him as he walked away from he car, heading towards the steps that lead up to the building he works in. "I'll call you later!" he yelled over the song "Give It To Me" by Busta, featuring Mariah. I was about to respond when he jokingly said,"I can't believe 'it' didn't tell you where a Quiznos is!" He smirked and then tried to look innocent. I smiled coyly and said,"I am hungry for quiznos." I did a replay of this morning in my head after I dropped him off and on my way to work. 'A trick I fell for..." I thought to myself. I was delighted at the thought of it too.

Before the hour of 5:00pm, employees at my job are not allowed to park their cars in the main parking lot due to walk-in customers (i.e. bosses). I parked my car up the street and realized that I didn't mind the walk. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect. It reminded me of weather that would be in a movie. One where there are identical looking two story houses with cute, little shutters, surrounded by white picket fences, with a perfect apple tree in the yard. It was picture perfect as I sauntered my way down the street, saying hi to my boss in passing, trying to look nonchalant and wondering if he could tell I smoked a bowl.

I wondered where everyone was as I walked in the office and didn't see anyone when I entered the lobby area. After I walked into the employees only section towards my desk I saw everyone buzzing around. That's when everything became humorous to me. My boss' sister in-law was at the office training yesterday and was there today as well. She'll be sitting at Deb's work station until Chad finishes getting her computer ready. He was working on that when I came in today but I'm uncertain as to whether it's completly finished or not. George and Traci were huddled around him, watching his progress and just shooting the shit. Chad yelled to noone in particular,"Is Harry going to come back and get his shit? He has a couple of Maxim magazines in here and a cup or two..." Then the jokes started pouring in obviously. It was hard not to start talking behind his back about his fetishes for 'small girls and huge guys'. Yes, he was caught at work searching porn sites for just that. We all laughed so hard because Tes, the new girl was just introduced to all of us yesterday. It's all new to her.

I'm in a good mood today. I need to start noticing the little things like I was today. For some reason I took notice to all the details that I would normally overlook. The daily ritual of getting ready before work with my love, my employees at work ... it's all familiar and routine but it's all different each day too. It's all what ya make of it ....

missdahling at 4:12 pm