Monday, May. 09, 2005

Mother's Day Weekend

I indulged myself in a small shopping trip on Friday after work. I needed to get out. Adam was playing cards and I was not going to sit at home on a Friday night by myself. But I felt like being alone which is why I didn't call a friend to go with me. I called my bank before I left work and to my surprise, I found out that I had around $600.00 in my checking account. All checks that I had written this past month had gone through. When I was shopping, I didn't feel guilty about spending. I get another paycheck this week which I plan on spending at King of Prussia Mall; if I can find someone to go with me, that is.

It was such a nice day outside on Saturday that I almost wish I hadn't slept half the day away. Woke up around 1 or 2, then went for a burn run in the country; just Adam and I. We drove around happily, listening to loud, obnoxious rap music. Then, we changed the mood and started listening to mellow stuff such as Guster and Jack Johnson. I've never cared for Guster, but I love Jack. The sun was going down as we were driving back into town. We rented several movies that night. I never understood this .... why do we often see naked woman in movies and not naked men? I am talking about full nudity here, people. I just don't get it. Anyway, I fell asleep watching some documentary about gambling in Las Vegas.

We did Mother's Day things yesterday. First, we went to my mom and dads' house for lunch. Yes, my mom cooked but she didn't mind. The dinner, like always, was delicious. We had pork, and mashed potatoes and creamed corn. For dinner, a lemon cake thing. My grandma was there and so was my uncle. Megan is home now until the 15th. Then she goes back to school because she is taking a summer class. When I was at the mall on Friday, I bought my mom a set of windchimes as her gift. I wish I could have thought of something better that I could have bought for her. I can never think of good things to get her, but she loved them anyways. Adam and I stayed and visited for a little bit after we finished eating dinner, but not long after because we still had to go to visit his mom.

The visit at Adam's moms' was nice. They discussed how much money he would need to pay off his fines. She is getting the money to him tomorrow, then he will have to pay them himself, in person in order to sign the appropriate papers and such. He will also get a haircut when he meets him mom at her hairdressers to pick up the money. Yesterday, all his mom kept talking about was how Adam needed a haircut. He does too. She wanted us to stay for dinner, but we had to decline. We ready to get home, plus, we were both full from eating at my parents' house. Paula (Adam's mom) did, however, give us a shitload of tv dinners. So many that we could barely fit them all into our small fridge. They will not go to waste though. We are always microwaving things.

I just crashed when we got home from running around. I took a nap while Adam went out. Coincidentally, I woke up at the time when he said he'd be home. Of course, he was a little over an hour late. I was furious. I cried like a freaking little kid who's parents won't buy her/him a lollipop. Maybe I was being selfish, but I wanted him home with me. Besides, when you say you're going to be on time, you're supposed to BE ON TIME, right? Adam is always and forever late though. That is one thing about him that I wish I could change. He could change it himself, but doesn't want to I guess.

Tomorrow, he is paying his fines. That will be such a huge weight off his shoulders. I can't wait until it's over with. I'm happy for him.

missdahling at 5:57 pm