Wednesday, May. 11, 2005

They're Finally Paid

Wednesday. Halfway through the week. That's a nice feeling.

Liz was a little frantic on Monday night. She messaged me during the day, telling me that her period was supposed to be here a few days ago but hadn't come yet. She won't have much money until Friday, so I offered to go to her house after I got off work, then we could run to Wal-Mart and I would buy her a pregnancy test. The test did come up negative, as I thought it would but at least it set her mind at ease a little, knowing that all she would have to do was wait for her period. She was probably stressing about it which usually does make it later. I'm so glad that test came back negative though. While she was taking that test, it brought back old memories. Pregnancy scares are the worst.

Later that night I threw up for no reason at all. I started feeling a little nauseous before I picked Adam up from work, but was fine. A few moments after we arrived home I was in the bathroom kneeling at the toilet. I only had one beer but since I wasn't feeling well before that it might have been just enough to make me sick. Eww though. I hate throwing up. I think the reason I hate it so much dates back to when I was in kindergarten....

My kindergarten teacher was the biggest bitch on the face of this earth. None of the kids liked her. It was such ashame that she was a kindergarten teacher because 1.) She would have made an excellent drill sargent, and 2.)kids don't deserve such a mean teacher when they are starting school for the first time. It really gave all the kids in my class a bad impression of what teachers were supposed to be like. She used to scare me so bad when she would scream at my class. I'd get so worked up and nervous before I went to school that I think I threw up everyday, either before school or during. I realize most people hate throwing up, but because of my kindergarten experience, everytime I throw up, I can still hear my former teacher yelling and making everyone in the class feel like an ass. That's just the kind of person she was.

When I wokd up yesterday morning I felt fine. Didn't get sick at all. I met my mom and Megan for breakfast around 9:00. I really miss hanging out with both of them like we used to. It was nice for it to be just the three of us. It's weird...for years, when Megan and I were younger, we'd be together everyday with my mom around. Back then, I usually thought of Megan as a little brat and my mom as just my mom. Now, I'd give anything to spend a few hours with both of them each day like we did Tuesday morning at breakfast. Megan goes back to school on Sunday already because she is taking a summer class. Once again she's leaving and once again, I am going to miss her.

My boyfriend is no longer a fugitive. :-) After all these years, his fines and parking violations are finally paid; all $723 and some odd cents. I went to the court house with him and sat and waited while he signed paper after paper. The constable said to him,"Do you have the correct amount of money?" When Adam said yes it was probably such a great feeling being able to say that because I could tell he was hoping that Adam would have said no. Surprisingly, the constable wasn't as big of an asshole as we both thought he would be. The receptionist did say that he had someone in custody while we were there, so the constable might have been more focused on him instead of Adam. On the car ride home, Adam was like,"Now I can speed without worrying about getting pulled over!"

Last night Adam watched 'The Full Monty' for the first time in his life. I'm not really sure if he liked it. Actually, I don't think he did or else he would have said so. He usually does when he watched a good movie. I've always thought that movie was funny. But then again, I like British comedies.

This morning before I was even out of bed, Adam went for a haircut. He looks sooooo hot with his new, short, gelled hair. I love it when he first gets a haircut and is very clean-shaven. It makes his very blue eyes stand out and look even bluer. Very cute! I cannot wait until I can see him. Unfortunately that won't be for another six hours at least. Ugh.

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