Friday, May. 06, 2005

Things Are Looking Up

I think things are going to work out okay with the boyfriend. The other day, Adam called his mom just to give her a heads up about what was going on. She was like,"Well, we (meaning her and her boyfriend) can loan you some money, but you have to pay us back." That was very cool of her to put that out there without him even having to ask for the favor. Yesterday, Adam spent $50.00 on pull open tickets before his shift started at work and won $200.00. Then, when his shift started, a customer took off a signer board and when Adam took off the seal, it revealed his name underneath. That's $100.00 more! Including his paycheck, he will have around $700.00 total. He'll probably have to borrow about $200.00 - $300.00 from his mother. He was so lucky to have won all that extra money yesterday that it ALMOST compensates for the shitty day he had on Wednesday. I was probably worried over nothing. ::knock on wood:::

Often times, Adam asks me if I am happy. Usually, I reply,"Yes, of course I am. I love you." Well, Liz and I had a talk over instant messenger about how him and I need to start going out more and doing more things that I want to do. She gave me a pep talk about how I have to make it a point to hang out with her and our other friends over the weekends instead of sitting at home when Adam wants to go out and I don't. She's like,"If he wants to go out, fine. But don't sit by yourself, call me." She's right. She made me feel a hell of a lot better. So this time, when Adam asked if I were happy, I said,"Yes, I am happy. But do you know what would make me happier? If we went out and did more things ... went more places besides the bar because it gets redundent. I want to go to the movies, and play mini golf, and take weekend vacations...I'm bored." I then went on to explain that I was not bored with him, I was bored with the things we did. And what was cool was that he said he understood completly without getting offended or upset, or hurt. Once he gets this shit taken care of with the constable, he said we can plan on going away for a weekend. I'm looking forward to it too.

For the first time in TWO weeks, we finally had sex last night. I was beginning to think that we didn't have a connection anymore, but thank god I was proved wrong. It had been too long ....

missdahling at 12:26 pm