Wednesday, May. 04, 2005

The Worst of All

Adam's friend Renn, who I've met at the Eagles several times and one of Renn's friends whose name is also Jen came over to our house after I got off work last night. Renn and Adam both drank beer and Jen and I finished off what was left of my wine. There are very few people that I 'click with' when I first meet them, but my first impression of Jen was good. I introduced myself to her when she came into the bar with Renn since Renn had left her to use the bathroom and she was standing there alone. She was friendly in return, which was nice. I hate when you try to make a conversation with a person and it ends up being one-sided. We sat around our kitchen table and played a game of 31. They had to leave abrubtly because Adam all of a sudden wasn't feeling well. Too much to drink, too much to smoke. I guess he overdid it a little.

I did, however, remember to put the garbage out to be picked up. We've had 3 bags of it sitting on our back porch. As I was opening the back door, Adam yelled from upstairs,"Don't worry about that tonight. I'll call them in the morning and tell them to pick it up tomorrow night instead." That's what he's been saying for the past week or two. I knew that if I didn't do it last night, it wasn't going to be done anytime this week. The fucking trash bags were heavy. I could only carry two at a time, so I had to let one sit on the back porch while I took the other two outside. When I went to get the other bag, it was gone. Adam drug his tired, fucked up ass out of bed to help me. He didn't need to, but I was happy he did.

I suppose I was a little upset that he got too fucked that he couldn't leave after our company left. He was having a hard time having a conversation with me as well. After several attempts at trying to talk to him, I got frusterated, gave up and was just plain being mean. I was still talking to him, but wasn't caring if I was being nice or not. I was talking to him for the pure fact that I could yell at him and he wouldn't be able to give me a legit response to what I just said. Then, I would correct him and make him look like an ass. That's so wrong, I know. I had no real reason for doing it either. I think I am just full of hate for no reason at all. I didn't have a real reason to be pissed off, but I was. All night long, I tried to sleep as far away from him in the bed that I could.

When I woke up, I was still a little angry. Even more angry after the constable called my phone asking for Adam. He needs to pay his parking ticket fines in full which will be somewhere around $1000.00 or else the constable said they would take him away. Right now, Adam's whereabouts are unknown to them, but he threatened to find him. Adam's dad said not to worrry, noone would let him sit in jail, and besides, it's only a constable, not the police. But what if they get the police involved? His dad was friends with a constable who used to tell stories about harrassing people like Adam was harrassed today. I'm scared though. We don't have that much extra money, although I wish we did. His dad doesn't have any extra cash either. The only people that would be able to help him out are his mom and her boyfriend, his grandparents, or possibly his boss at work. Hopefully he finds money fast.

I'm angry. Angry at him for letting this happen in the first place. If he would have just paid the $5.00 tickets when he got them he would never be in this mess. If he would have paid them two years ago it would have been better than this. These measly parking tickets date back to three years ago or more. I hated to say I told ya so, but this afternoon before work, I said,"Why didn't you take care of this last year when you called them?" He called, and found out what he needed to do to take care of it, but he never went any further as to make payment arrangements. Stupid, stupid. I'm upset because I have to be drug into this shit. A little earlier, I was thinking to myself,"Why'd this have to happen now that we're finally together ... why couldn't this have happened when we'd only hang out once in awhile?" If that would have been the case, I wouldn't have even known about it probably, therefore, wouldn't have worried either. Most of all, I'm angry because I'm helpless in this situation. There's nothing I can do to help him. That's the worst thing of all.

missdahling at 6:19 pm