Monday, May. 02, 2005

Shrek 2

My plans slightly changed on Friday after work. Instead of going home and staying in for the night, I was asked by a friend and co-worker, Tracie if I'd like to go out to eat, then shopping afterwards. I showered quickly as soon as I got home, threw some clothes on, and did my make up in an hour tops. That is quick for me, ladies and gentleman.

First, we went out to eat at a chinese restaurant in a nearby town. The food was good, but the service was poor. I ordered my usual chicken and broccoli, and Tracie ordered some sea food dish. When we got our plates, Trac picked up a piece of food from her plate that we couldn't decipher what it was and said,"Watch me be eating an octopus penis or something ..." I couldn't help but laugh. Then, our waitress almost spilled my drink all over me. Luckily it went on the floor. She didn't even bring me a new drink, just a new straw. Why would I need a new straw when I don't even have a drink?

Can you believe that I bought a vibrating razor? About a year ago, before they came out, I read an article about them online at work. Before Friday, I hadn't seen one in the stores. I immediatly grabbed it and took it over to show Tracie because she is the one who discovered the article and shared it with everyone at the office last year. Enclosed with the razor was a free can of shaving gel. The vibration of the razor is supposed to ensure a closer shave. I was so intrigued that I had to buy it.

Tracie and I wandered around the store, stopping to look at shoes, clothes and anything else that caught our eye. I didn't find any clothing that I liked, but I did find a very cute, summer purse for only $8.00. The outside of the purse is adorable, but what I really liked about it was that the inside is lined with blue, polka dot material. For $8.00, who can not buy that?! Of course there were other purses that I liked, but I told myself before I went that I wasn't going to spend a lot of money.

While I was out, Adam called to tell me to meet him at the bar after Tracie and I were done shopping. Trac didn't want to come inside for a drink, so I thanked her for dinner, then went in. The bar was packed when I went in. There wasn't even a place at the bar to sit down. People were everywhere. I forget who it was, but someone pointed me in the direction where Adam was. I found him at the end of the bar talking to a couple by the names of Kenny and Donna. They are the nicest people around. Donna informed me that Adam was gambling and was doing excellent. We walked out of that place $250.00 richer.

I had a boring day of cleaning on Saturday while Adam was at work. I cleaned the bathroom, vacumed, and did dishes. Believe it or not, it took me awhile. The bathroom took the longest. See, I hate to clean, but when I do it, it can't be a half assed job. It has to be done thoroughly, or not at all. I've decided that I no longer like our bathroom. The bathroom itself is just fine, but I want to redecorate it and take down the border that was put on the wall before we moved in. The border is of this ugly flower pattern which is truely disgusting. I'm changing it this week or next if I find something suitable to my liking.

My poor Adam had such a long day at work. He didn't want to do anything that night so we rented movies and ordered food in. Finally, I think I am over the drama once and for all from last Monday night. Saturday night was the first intimate moment Adam and I had together in over a week. I didn't want him to touch me after he made that comment about me not wanting to have sex. I wanted nothing to do with him sexually. After I gave him a blow job, I didn't feel any hatred towards him so that tells me that it's all water under the bridge. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I hate being angry at him.

Patty and Jack, who are Adam's grandparents, invited his family over to their house to eat home made chicken potpie. I love going over there to eat meals because I like his family so much. His grandmother is hilarious. She had a stroke a few years back, so she gets confused easily. People are always correcting her, especially Adam's aunt, but she laughs about it which is good. It's funny because whenever Adam has new voicemails on his phone, it is usually always Patty saying things like,"Pick up the damn phone, Harry (Adam's dad)." Or,"Hi, this is Jack (her husband) ..."

And Adam's little sister is great too. She is seven or eight years old. She was born to Adam's dad's second wife. So technically, Sydney is Adam's half sister I guess. I was told by Adam and several other members of his family that Sydney takes after her mother who is a bitch. It does kind of show but since she young, it's funny. Yesterday she was trying to show Adam's dad how to play a game on her gameboy but he didn't understand what to do. Sydney says,"You're not very bright." Everyone was cracking up.

Did anyone else watch the new Family Guy episode last night? Adam woke me up from a nap when he came home from playing cards and told me that we were going to the bar to sit in front of the big screen tv to watch it. We need to get cable soon. I will not run around trying to find a place to watch Family Guy every Sunday at 9pm. With my next paycheck, I won't have to use any money for bills. It can be spent however I want to spend it. God, the possibilities are endless.

I finally saw Shrek 2 last night. I've been wanting to see it for awhile too. I loved it. It was so cute. I actually thought it was better than the first one. In a way, it was nice that they turned back into ogres at the end. It showed that you should be happy with your looks and can be happy looking different than everyone else. But on the other hand, I kind of wish they would have stayed human. It would have been an interesting twist I think. I would have had a completely different take on the whole movie. Here I am, analyzing a Disney film....

I think I'll go now.

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