Monday, Apr. 25, 2005

Table and Tickets

My boyfriend gets more days off work than anyone I know. There is always someone who wants more hours, or someone who can fill in for him if he just plain doesn't feel like going in. Wish I had that luxery. He picked me up from work on Friday, since once again, he had the day off. My parents and sister, Madison dropped off a new kitchen table for Adam and I after we got home. It really beats the little, two person table that we had been using. Now, the smaller table sits in the room you first enter when you walk in the front door. I think I'm going to get a chess or checker board to sit on top of it. A guy from my dad's work got a new table so he sold us his old one for only $50.00. It's really nice too. It's solid oak with four matching chairs. I did a google search for oak tables and found a very similiar looking one for around $800.00. We got such a good deal. Adam commented that we keep getting all this really nice stuff for free or for very cheap. This table is the nicest thing we've gotten so far though. We're both really pleased with it.

Friday evening Liz called to remind me that The Anger Management Tour concert tickets went on sale the following morning. She said that she'd call me after she was done ordering them and maybe we could go out for lunch or something then. When she didn't call on Saturday I was a little worried that she didn't wake up in time to get order them. Finally, around 10:30pm, I got a phone call from her. She had fallen back asleep after she got the tickets which is why she didn't call before. Tickets went on sale at 10am on Saturday morning. Liz set her alarm for 9:50 so she could order them immediately. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea because tickets were sold out that same afternoon. I don't know if I mentioned it, but instead of going to Philly, we're going to NYC instead. We're making a day out of it too. We'll leave early Monday morning, walk around the city during the day, then go to the concert in the evening. We may even stay the night so we don't have to drive home after the concert is over. I'm excited but a little disappointed because my sister won't be going with us. Liz K., Liz M., Ana and I are the only ones going. It's still going to be so much fun though.

Adam filled in at his work so one of his co-workers could take his son to a dirtbike race or something. Work always goes by very quickly for him when he only works six hours. He's used to working much longer shifts. While I was at home and he was at work, I cleaned up around the house. I had vacuumed the downstairs the day before, so Saturday I vacuumed our bedroom and did the dishes. In between cleaning up, I played Playstation. Closer to the end of his shift, Adam called to tell me he was going out for two beers after work at midnight. TWO, AND ONLY TWO. That's what he said anyway....

When the clock said 12:30, I knew he was staying for more than two drinks. I knew this because it doesn't take him thirty minutes to drink two beers. So, I waited. And waited. While he was gone, I was furious because he wasn't home when he said he was going to be. It was ridiculous, but I kept picturing him out with another girl. This past weekend was Block Party at the college I used to attend and I pictured Matt taking him there and the two of them purposely not telling me they were going. God, I really need to stop thinking that everyone has conspiracies against me. It's not normal. I was being very paranoid. At 2:30am, I thought to myself,"Alright, the bar closes at 3:30 .... not much longer to go..." He came in a few minutes after 2:30 apologizing because he knew I would be upset. He explained that he got caught up gambling as he handed me $190.00 ($100.00 for my part of the security deposit that we got back from our old landlord. $90.00 was half of what he won gambling). I was still perturbed, but how could I stay angry at him when he had given me $90.00 for no reason.?

A little while after he got home, we went to the conveniant store and bought a deck of cards. We were then up until after 6am playing cards. We played 31, 5 Card Draw, Follow the Queen, and a few others. I kicked his ass in 31! He was catching good hands, but mind were better. The other games that we played were taught to me that night. I had never played Follow the Queen before. I was never much of a card player, but I'd like to start playing more. It really is fun.

I only got a few hours of sleep Saturday morning before I had to get up again. My mom invited me to lunch for my grandmother's birthday. Before going out, I had to pick my grandma up. About four, going on five years ago, she moved out of her apartment in town and moved into an assisted living facility. It isn't the same as an actual nursing home. At an assisted living place, the people there are more aware of things going on and can walk around, and interact with one another. The workers there have daily activities for the residents to do and they even have a room that they use as a beauty salon. My grandma can get her hair cut and have her nails done without even leaving the building. She's really grown to like it there. I feel bad because I don't visit her nearly enough.

I stayed at my parents' house for a good three - four hours. We ate chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and green bean cassarole. For dessert, we had chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Maybe I should learn how to cook. Then I wouldn't have to rely on Adam and I's families for a homecooked meal.

I left my parents' because I was tired and wanted to take a nap. I thought I'd nap in my own home though. Even though I knew they wouldn't care if I took a quick snooze on their couch, I didn't want to be rude. I called Adam where he was playing cards to see if his game was over. I thought I'd just pick him up on my way instead of going home, then going back out. Of course he was still playing so I went home. I layed on my bed, trying to get to sleep. It actually took me a little while. And wouldn't it figure that Adam called telling me he was ready to be picked up after I had been asleep about ten whole, freakin' minutes.

We didn't do a damn thing the rest of the night. We were both asleep by midnight at the latest. I got so much sleep, but still did not want to get out of bed this morning. Adam took my car to work. He started before me, so he had Jeremy (his boss) pick me up to take me to work. I was glad too because I would have had to walk otherwise. Tonight Liz is picking me up because we're hanging out tonight anyway. I offered to walk to her house, but she doesn't mind coming to get me. Then I guess I should have her drop me off so I can pick up my car at Adam's job so I have a way home after I leave Liz's later tonight.

I really, really contemplated calling off work today, thought better of it. Good thing I didn't too. It's been busier in here today than it has in the past few weeks. Off work at 11 and boy am I looking forward to it!

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