Thursday, Apr. 21, 2005

My Best Friend

I arrived at Liz's house a little after 11 last night. I immediatly lit up a cigarette and closed my eyes as I took the first drag. A cigarette after work is so relaxing to me. I layed down on Liz's bed and she sat at her computer desk. "Today's 4/20," Liz said. I hadn't even realized that yesterday was 4/20 until I came into work and started reading my buddies away messages. At that moment I was kicking myself for not remembering to bring weed with me. Liz has been my best friend for awhile now and I still have never smoked with her on 4/20.

Liz and I got to talking about high school. We became friends when I was in 11th grade and she was in 10th. We were both heartbroken teenagers who had just had bad breakups with our boyfriends. That common bond brought us together to be friends up until now; 6 years later. The year we became friends we both had chorus together and knew each other a little bit from there. But math class is the class where we really became friends. I used to sit in the back of the class and she sat in the very front. After the math lesson was taught, I'd go to the front of the room to sit by her so we could talk. She had just started telling me about how her ex boyfriend broke up with her for another girl when the bell rang. She quickly jotted her number on a piece of paper and told me that I could call her if I was interested in hearing the whole story.

I called her after school and we talked for awhile. We started talking more in school, especially math class. That school year we hung out a few times. I stayed over at her house and she introduced me to a new kind of music; rap. To this very day, whenever I hear the album Chronic 2001 it reminds me of those days when Liz and I were new friends and we used to sit around in her room listening to it. I can still picure how her room used to be arranged at the time and all the posters on her walls. The first time I met her father he was laying new carpet in their livingroom. I can still picture it in my mind. Her mom was also there. I've always thought it was so cool how her parents are divorced but they still remain good friends. Liz's brother was only in middle school when I met him and now he's 16 years old. The other day he said that his friends and him always just referred to me as "Liz's hot friend". Time flies!

At the end of my 11th grade year, Liz and a few of her other friends and I went out to eat on the last day of school. It was the last I saw her until school started again in the fall. We didn't hang out all summer long. I can remember talking to her on the phone and over instant messenger a few times throughout the summer. We tried to make plans to get together and hang out, but they always fell through. We probably never got together because aside from not having cars, we didn't even have licenses. We took the bus to the mall one of the first times we ever hung out. Yes, it was that long ago. She called me on the day everyones school schedules came in the mail to see what mine was like. We had lunch together that year so of course we planned to sit together.

Even without talking the entire summer, when school started we became best friends again. During this year, we hung out a lot more, shared secrets, had sleepovers, watched movies, etc. Even though Liz was a grade below me, senior year was one of the funnest years that I had out of all four years of high school because I of my new best friend.

Things didn't change when I went away to college either. I came home every weekend and we hung out. I also talked to her on the phone just about everyday. We were still a huge part of each others lives even though I was in a completly different place physically and mentally than she was that summer. She was the first person I'd call when I met a new guy, the first to call when things between the guy and I didn't work out. And she didn't judge me either. It was nice coming home each weekend, getting away from the collge life for a bit and getting back to my best friend and everything that I was used to up until that point. When I'd come home, we'd each tons stories to share with one another. Never once did she come visit me at school. It didn't and still doesn't bother me though because she didn't need to visit me because we were still close friends.

I really think that her and I will be best friends as long as we live. We've been through a lot together. We know each other as well as we know our own selves. She was and always will be there for me and I know that. I will always be there for her as well. I'm just really lucky to have a friend like her. She's helped me out with so many problems, supported me through so many hard times, was happy for me during good times, and I love her for that.

missdahling at 6:38 pm