Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2005

what's my deal?

This has been such a slow ass day at work. The weather is beautiful so that means that most people aren't at home, in front of their computers, they are outside enjoying the sunny days instead of calling the office for tech. support. It's a nice change from the many busy afternoons and evenings that I've had here over the winter. Still though....I'm bored.

It seems that I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately. I can think of about three nights in a row where my dreams have been quite unusual. This is different for me because for awhile I hadn't been remembering my dreams when I woke up.

The weirdest dream that I had last week involve Adam. That in itself is weird because I hardly ever have dreams with him in them. I don't know why. I dreamt that he and I were on vacation at the beach. Our hotel room looked exactly the same as our bedroom. I know this because Adam was laying on the bed. I could see the window next to our bed with sunlight streaming through it. In this dream I needed to give Adam surgery. Not sure prescisely what kind of surgery he needed but I know that it was somewhat serious. I didn't want to be the one who gave him surgery, but in my dream I felt calm. I was alright with it. "I don't want to do this,"I said to him. He looks up at me from where he was laying on the bed and said,"Don't worry, just follow along with the tape." Then, he took out a black, cassette tape and put it in a tape player. From then I don't know what happened because it switched to another scene.

I also had a dream about my cousin Kelly who I haven't seen in about two years in real life. Until the dream I hadn't thought about her for what seemed like ages. Her and I were at a party in my dream ... a party in a closet. The closet was spacious though. There was plenty of room but my dream only allowed me to see one or two people who was at the party at a time. My other cousin was there too. Nothing even happened in the dream and there was no speaking either. I felt happy in it. Then, again, it switched to another scene.

After having the second dream, I woke up realizing that I miss my cousin Kelly. We used to hang out when we went to the same college. She wanted me to pledge her sorority. I never went back to that school and now she's graduated. I have no idea what she's even doing now...whether she has a job, or boyfriend....I used to love hanging out with her. She was a party girl much like her friends and sorority sisters. Oh and her sisters loved me. We all used to have the best time running around drunk from party to party to the afterparty. She was the girl who made me do my first beer bong. She told me that she wasn't taking me out if I didn't do one. So I did and we went out. I wish I could relive some of those nights.

There I go wishing it were the past again. What is my deal anyway?

missdahling at 8:54 pm