Monday, Apr. 18, 2005

Pool Team Party

I think I'm beginning to figure out that I can have fun even when I don't want to. Take this past Friday night as an example. When I got home from work, I fell asleep thirty minutes before I was supposed to pick Adam up from work. Needless to say, I was about only half awake when I pulled up in front of his job. I drove us home very sleepily expecting to take another nap or just cuddle and relax with him when we got there. Didn't happen. We relaxed for a bit, but then he suggested we go out for drinks. "But I don't want to ...I'm so tired...." I complained. The night before he had said that since I worked early on Friday and we didn't get to bed at a decent time that we'd take it easy the next night. I wasn't expecting to go out, so I didn't bother with a shower or makeup when I got home. I never go out like that, but for once, I said 'Screw the makeup and shit, let's go."

He told me,"Just an hour. Time for a few drinks, then we'll go home." A little reluctantly, I agreed. He talked me into it.

When we arrived at the bar, we could the drums and guitars of a country band playing inside. "Oh wonderful," I thought to myself sarcastically. I don't care too much for country music, especially this. I wanted to get back in the car and drive away but I bit my tongue, held back all thoughts of screaming at Adam for bringing me there and walked inside. Inside were all the regular customers who come into this place along with the band. The band was awful. They butchered every and all country songs that one could think of. They played a horrible remake of 'Give Me One Reason' by Traci Chapman. To think I used to like that song. When we first got there I wondered why I had agreed to come along.

The night seemed to get better or maybe it was because I seemed to get drunker and drunker. Even when I got there and heard the band, I told myself that I'd give it a try. And when I say give 'it' a try, 'it' means fun. It seems as though I hardly have fun anymore. While I drank my first two beers, I sat at the bar and watched Adam and his buddies shoot pool. I cheered Adam on when he made a good shot and playfully scolded him when he made a bad one. For awhile while he shot pool, and I sat there by myself, talking to everyone around me. One lady I was talking to was telling me about a place called 'Dirty Dicks'. It's a restaurant where the staff acts like assholes and bitches to you. How fun of a job that would be! We laughed a lot when we talked about that. She also made an observation....she turned to me and said,"I like the way you and Adam are. He shoots pool and does his thing, but he still comes over to you a lot to see if you need anything. You can tell he really loves you." Adam tells me he loves me everyday, but it was nice to know it shows not only to me, but others people as well.

Usually, I only drink three or four beers a night, then I switch over to something else. Friday night I decided on White Russians. Now, I can't even tell you the last time I drank a white russian. I normally don't care for them. This drink was in an oversized glass, easy on the kahlua, heavy on the vodka. No, I didn't ask for it this way, the bartender was just that good. haha. Two of these plus my beer got me drunk. I'm such a lightweight. By the time we were ready to leave, which was way longer than we had originally planned to stay, I was feeling great. In the parking lot as we were about to get in our car, Adam yelled a quick goodbye to his friend while I, on the other hand, screamed goodbye. I must have shouted at the top of my lungs,"BYE FLOYD!!!!! IT'S ME, JENN!!!!!!!!"

I passed out when we got home which I hate doing. I wish I had the stamina that I used to where I could be drunk and stay up for hours and hours laughing and visting and watching tv. Must've been the cheap vodka. But I had a nice evening on Friday night even though it wasn't exactly how I planned it. I went out and I had fun.

You would have thought that I'd want to sleep in late on Saturday morning since I had been out drinking the night before but I was surprisingly up and about at 9:30am. I don't get up this early when I have to go to work on weekdays let alone on a Saturday morning. Very unusual behavior for me. It did give me time to shower and get ready by noon to go to Adam's pool team party. I was the one dragging him out of bed for once. I kept saying,"Hey, you better get up if you want to be on time." I was actually trying to get him up because I was hungry and wanted to be the first in line to get food.

Too bad we didn't eat until about an hour or so after we got there. Neither Adam nor I were thirsty for a beer, so we each ordered a soda. We smoked a few cigarettes while sitting around socializing. Now that I've cut back on smoking, I'm finding that I smoke less when I drink and more when I don't drink. Isn't that just the opposite of what happens when alcohol is being consumed? Generally speaking, people are usually more prone to smoke more when they do drink than when they don't.

Luckily for me, they put out the salads, chips and all other picnic type food before they made the steaks and put out the shrimp. We didn't eat the main meal until three hours later. In between eating appetizers and waiting for the steaks, we enjoyed ourselves talking and hanging out with everyone who was on Adam's Wednesday pool team. The party for his Saturday team is next month. Adam got in a Texas Hold'em card game and I played a few hands of 31. I won $1.00. haha. I was taught how to play 31 a long time ago by my grandmother but had forgotten the game until Saturday. It's a simple game and I liked playing it. Now I just have to learn how to play Hold'em so I can participate too.

We didn't do too much on Saturday night. Just rented a few movies.

We almost always take it easy on Sunday nights and try to stay up as long as we can to try and make the weekend last longer. Adam played in another Hold'em tournament in the afternoon, then we got dinner. We took the movies that we rented the previous night back and got new ones. We rented Chappell Show Season 1 which was hilarious. I love that guy. And I finally got to see Closer. My sister heard it wasn't all that good, but I thought it was decent. I like movies that are real like that. So, the end to the weekend was very calm and relaxing. Just how I like it to be. Have a good week everyone.

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