Monday, Apr. 04, 2005


Before my shift at work ended on Friday, a co-worker, Aaron, asked if I wanted to smoke when he got off work that night. I wasn't sure what Adam and I were going to be doing, but I remembered that he didn't want to stay out too late so I told Aaron to call me when his shift was over which was at 9. All I did when I got home was clean up a little around the house and watched a few episodes of 'Sex and the City' until it was time to pick Adam up from work.

A little after 7:30 is when I picked him up. I had smoked a little before going there, so I was still stoned when we arrived at the bar. "We'll only stay out for a few, then go home and relax,"Adam had said earlier in the day. That was fine with me, seeing as I didn't want to stay out too late anyway. After my third bottle of Bud Light, it was just about nine o'clock; the time Aaron was to get off work, so Adam told me that he was going to use the restroom, then we were going to head out. While he was in the restroom, I took it upon myself to order another beer. Instead of my usual beer, I decided to get a small, draft of Coor's Light. My reason for getting Coors instead of Bud was this...The draft beers are a LITTLE smaller than the bottles. Since Adam was in the bathroom, I thought I could finish the draft before he got out. One more beer for me and I wouldn't be wasting any more time. He comes out from the restroom, sees my beer, gives me and the bartender a weird look and says,"Well, gimme a bottle then, I guess." He was about half way done with the bottle when I finished the draft and got another. I knew that we weren't going to be leaving anytime soon...

I called Aaron and told him to meet us at the bar for a few drinks before we all went back to Adam and I's house to smoke. He got there around 9:30 and by this time, I was already drunk. Adam and Aaron were shooting pool, and I was having a great time drunk dialing my friends. The first call I made was to Jacquoline. She was trashed too and I just love having drunk conversations with her. It's always amusing....I called Liz and Megan too but I hardly remember what I said to them. While I was calling them I kept getting more to drink. "I love Coors Light! It's such a good beer!", I kept saying. First of all, I never drink draft beer. Second of all, I haven't drank Coors Light in over a year.

All of a sudden, the Coors wasn't tasting so good. I told Adam and Aaron this too. They laughed and said,"That's because your drinking Genny Light." "Oh, I said, I don't like this." With that statement said, I picked up the glass and chugged the rest of it. It was time to leave and I was 'gone' in the sense that I was absolutly wasted.

As we were about to leave the bar, I took my keys out of my purse and said with a smile,"Ha! I'm the first to get the keys out!" Adam snatched them out of my hand in an instant. The ride home was a big, blur. I don't remember the ride home at all. I do remember that when we got home, I started walking onto our neighbors porch like it was our own. Realizing my mistake, I giggled and said,"Oh, oops! hahaha!" Adam checked the mail while we waited for Aaron to park his car. I vaguely remembered the next morning that we had gotten a letter from Girls Inc. addressed to a guy named J. Frits. Adam's boss is named J. Frits so he wants to bring the letter to his work to harrass the poor guy.

Smoking fucked me up big time. I had only taken a few hits from the bowl when I realized that I was not feeling well. After being in the bathroom a few moments (I didn't throw up, I just kind of sat there I think) I came back to our bedroom where Aaron and Adam were. They had just started a blunt. I took a few hits from that and was sick again. This time it was more serious. I sat by the toilet and just gagged and dry heaved. I didn't throw up once. I was so damn drunk. By this time, it was hard for me to lift my head from the toilet. Adam came in to check on me. He tried getting me to drink some coke, but I just couldn't. I heard Aaron say goodbye from outside the bathroom door. "Bye!!!" I called.

The next thing I remember is waking up at 6:30am in my bed beside Adam. I was still in my clothes from the night before. He carried me from the bathroom floor where I wanted to pass out and into my bed. He told me that I had wanted to take a shower, so he turned the water on for me but I just layed on the floor instead. I have no memory of it. I thanked him for taking care of me and apologized for getting like that. No worries though. We both went back to sleep for a few hours.

The rest of the weekend was lazy. Surprisingly I felt just fine when I got up on Saturday afternoon. I expected to wake up and feel even worse than I had the night before while laying by the toilet. I love when I don't get hangovers. I called Liz shortly after I had gotten up. She said that she hasn't heard me sound that drunk in awhile. She was like,"You were saying all kinds of ridiculous things."

One of the things I had told her was that I heard through the grapevine that Ana was cheating on Jeremy. It was just a rumor. The sad thing is that when I heard it a few days before, I had believed it, and even hoped that it was true! I don't condone cheating, but her boyfriend isn't right for her. He treats her badly, and takes her for granted. With all that aside, I am glad that Liz corrected me on that one.

We relaxed the rest of the night by watching movies.

I was exhausted on Sunday morning. Adam was up bright and early, running around, taking care of things, errands, etc. He was in and out of the house a few times but I stayed sleeping soundly almost the entire time. I was confused when he tried to wake me up. "Why do you keep waking me up?" I asked him. He told me that it was time for me to drop him off at his card game so that I could have the car in case I needed to go somewhere. Like many times when I don't want to get out of bed, I said,"Just take the car." So he did.

The next time I woke up was when Liz called me after she got done working. She wanted to hang out but first needed to eat and get a shower. That left me some time to take a shower too. I even had a little time to spare after I was finished getting ready. I took a few hits from the pipe before Ana came to pick me up.

It worked out because I needed cigarettes and she needed gas. By the way, I am now smoking a pack per four days. :-) We picked up a movie from the video store before going to Liz's also. Ana picks up 'Fat Albert' the movie and says,"How bout this? I heard it was supposed to be funny." I looked at it skeptically at first, then agreed that it would be fine. I've seen so many movies in that video store anyway and they didn't have any new releases out yesterday. Plus, she told me that her brother and sister-in-law watched it while they were stoned. Perfect.

The movie wasn't bad, but wasn't good. We all agreed that it was okay. Midway through the movie, Adam called and said he was on his way home and asked where I was. He said that he would go hang out at the Eagles because he didn't have a key to this house. "Mother fucker! You don't have a key?! Dammit...." Yeah, turns out that neither of us had a house key. We were locked out. While he was running around earlier that morning, he left the house key on the kitchen table for me, then left to play cards. I didn't even check the table. I assumed that he took it with him. I even thought about leaving it unlocked in case I was home before him, but then thought against it due to the break-ins that have been happening in my town lately.

I called the landlord and he had to unlock the door for us. The landlords wife called as we were driving to get chinese food to eat letting us know that we were no longer locked out. We were in for the night after that. We hung out, smoked, watched movies .... A nice end to a nice weekend.

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