Tuesday, Mar. 29, 2005

Ghost Stories

All I could see was his messy, blonde hair and the back of his motocross jersey. I called his name as he was climbing the huge hill of green grass. "Come back to the picnic!" I cried. As much as I hated seeing him go, I knew that he wasn't going to turn back. I watched as he walked off into the distance without saying a word. My eyes continued to follow him until he was out of sight.

Then, I woke up, sat up straight in my bed and realized it was a dream.

This was a dream I had awhile ago. To tell you the truth, I can't even remember how long ago. The boy in my dream was my best friend who commited suicide when he was merely 16 years old. This is the only dream I've ever had about him.

Yesterday, while surfing the internet at work, I came across several ghost stories. A lot of them were stories about a certain friend or family member who had passed away, then went about speaking to their living friends and relatives through dreams. This got me thinking about my own friends and relatives who I had lost over the years. The dream described above was the only one I've had (that I can remember anyway) about a deceased family member or friend. There was probably more to the dream, but it seems that I can only recall the part that I just described.

I don't believe that my friend was trying to contact me through that dream, but it could be interpretated a few ways. The reason for him not turning around when I called for him could mean that I needed to let go of the fact that he was gone. The big hill he was climbing up could be analyzed that he was going to heaven or in heaven already. One will never know.

While carousing through these stories about the supernatural, I found myself asking whether or not I am a believer in the paranormal. I'm inconclusive at this point. Even though I had a weird experience with a ouiji board at my old apartment, I still don't know if I believe. That night, there was definitly 'someone' or 'something' running around the upstairs of my old place, but that was a good five months or so ago and it doesn't even seem like it happened anymore. There was also the incident at the old apartment where my cd player turned on and started playing music by itself when the cord wasn't even plugged into the outlet. Sometimes, it seemed like doors open and shut by theirselves and Nicole swore that she heard a voice coming from what sounded like an old time radio. But there are logical explanations for these things, right?

When I was very young, my mother and my aunts would tell us stories about when they were girls. They lived in an old farmhouse which was built in the early 1900's. My great grandparents lived there many years ago. One of my aunts and grandfather (mom's dad) still live there to this day but it much different now. When my mom and her sisters were growing up, the land around them was all field and woods instead of townhouses and a busy four lane highway. They would always scare my cousins and I with the stories they would tell...While my mom was younger, the family would all sit together in the diningroom to eat dinner. After dinner, they would always push their chairs in. The next morning when they came downstairs for breakfast, every single chair would be pushed away from the table as if 'someone' else had used it after them. My aunt who still lives in that house has told me that she was a figure of a woman walking outside by the barn one night a few years ago. It's probably the stories that used to terrify me as a child, but I've always felt uneasy sleeping in that house. Even two years ago, when I was visiting there, I woke up the middle of the night and was scared so I called Liz and talked to her on the phone until dawn.

I am NOT hoping to seek out any ghosts or spirits, it's just kind of weird to think about. Anyone else have any ghost stories?

missdahling at 8:44 pm