Monday, Mar. 28, 2005

Easter Weekend

For some reason I got this brilliant idea that I was going to try to give my cat a bath when I returned home from work on Friday evening. That idea lasted until I actually got home and suddenly realized that 1. I was too tired to give him a bath and 2. He might scratch and claw the shit out of me. Not to mention he probably wouldn't even stand to be in the water no longer than about two seconds. So, the question is, how does one go about bathing a cat?

Instead of upsetting poor Mr. Skins by throwing him into water, I decided to watch Sex & the City, Season Five. It had been a year or more since I've last watched an episode. Now I'm addicted again. Megan and I started watching that show one night when we rented the videos two summers ago. For a few weeks, each night when we'd get in late from hanging out with friends, we would end the night by relaxing and watching Sex & the City. We were enthralled by watching the lives of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. Once again, I am captivated. Plus, season six is new to me. I had bought the DVDs last year, but haven't watched them yet; get excited.

Adam and I stopped by our old apartment to borrow Matt's bowl. The slide to the bong just shattered the other night when we were about to use it. It was strange walking into my old place. I felt like I was going home for the night, not just stopping by to pick something up. The place looks really nice. The landlords are fixing the building up. They've already painted and ripped up the carpeting. It's going to be beautiful once it's all done. Though, we are still waiting for our security deposit from the old landlords. They were supposed to mail it to our new address but we haven't received it as of yet. I should call them.

We rented a few movies on Friday night but I fell asleep through Finding Neverland because Adam played his poker game that he rented for awhile. By the time we started the movies, I was already sleepy.

Megan called on Saturday afternoon. She asked,"Hey Jenn ... do you want a new pet? It's free!" Curious, I asked what it was. With excitement in her voice, she exclaimed,"Mice!"

Hell no. I don't want mice living in my house. They creep me out with their beady, little eyes, and long, disgusting tail. My youngest sister, Madison found them while she was playing outside by the dog house. My dad told them both to get rid of them or he was going to put them in a bag and stomp on them. I don't know if he would actually do that, but he didn't want them around. The thought of that made me cringe. In my mind, I could hear them squeal and carry on as I pictured them inside a garbage bag. Megan went to the pet store, but they could not take the mice. They told Megan that the mice were too young to be without their mother. Now, my mom, being an animal lover and having a soft heart, took the mice back to where they were found in hopes that their mother would return. Of course my dad thinks they're at the pet store.

That night at dinner the mice story was hush hush because of my dad being there and all. Madison almost spilled the beans one too many times though. Dinner was nice. Three temps from my mom's work were there since they don't have family around here. It was nice that they got to enjoy a homecooked meal and got to spend time with people on the holiday. My uncle and grandmother were also there. We all partook in eating lots of ham and drinking red merlot.

For my Easter present, my mom bought me a few pieces of candy, snacks, and essential kitchen items such as seran wrap, aluminum foil and sandwich bags. What I had forgotten was to bring a pair of boots to my parents' house that Megan wanted to borrow as well as the Easter gifts I had gotten her and Madison. She came by that night to pick them up. Inside her Easter basket was a deck of cards, glowing stars to put on her ceiling in her dorm, lip gloss, and Clean and Clear facial soap (she's always washing her face). For Madison, was Strawberry Shortcake bath coloring book, the same glowing stars that I had got for Megan, Bratz lip gloss, and pencils. Megan looked at each basket, pulling out the contents, dumping them out onto my bed, then putting them back in. She liked her basket. Madison probably did too. Haven't talked to my mom yet. Megan, Adam and I hung out for a bit and smoked. I was sad when it was time for her to leave. I miss her when she's away at school.

We went to the bar for bit that evening. We met up with Adam's dad and his girlfriend for some drinks, then went home.

Even though we were asleep fairly early on Saturday night, my ass was dragging when I woke up Sunday morning. I actually wanted to stay in bed instead of going to Adam's grandparents' house for Easter dinner. "Do you want to stay in bed and I'll just bring you a plate home to heat in the microwave?" asked Adam. "No, I'd rather eat the food fresh,"I replied.

The food was great and so was the company. It was so fun watching Adam's cousins participate in the egg hunt they held in the back yard. They have apparently been having an egg hunt ever since Adam can remember. To this day, it still occurs with now only three participants; Adam's half sister, and his two cousins. Each of the other grnadchildren and I each go to choose an egg off the pine tree in the back yard. Inside was five dollars! That's gas money, folks.

After dinner we went home, curled up next to one another and watched 'The Incredibles'. This is a very cute movie, by the way. I was skeptical at first about the film, but ended up actually liking it a lot. Go rent it if you haven't seen it.

When the movie was over, we layed around doing nothing for awhile. I was getting restless from sitting inside and not doing anything, so I was happy to go out for awhile when Adam suggested it. We only stayed out for drinks for about two hours until we decided to pick up some food, then go home.

I actually kicked Adam's ass in a game of Tiger Woods. He usually always wins, so it was a big defeat for me. haha. I fell asleep while watching a movie. I can't even remember what we were watching. It seems that I can never stay awake during movies anymore. But anyway, I did have a nice Easter weekend. Hope everyone else's was good too.

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