Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2005

Reliving the Past through Pictures

Last night I had one of those nights where a bunch of little, but good events took place which made my night excellent.

Ana's boyfriend called last night a few minutes before I was finished working. He wanted to know if I could find any trees for him. It worked out nicely because I needed to stop by Nate's anyway. I picked Ana up after work and we drove down to Nate's together.

Her and Jeremy had been babysitting Kayla since she got done with school for the day. Jeremy's mom works until 11'ish so they have to watch his little sister a lot of nights. That's why I never see Ana. She's always with Jeremy and they are always sitting at home watching tv. They hardly ever go out and when they do, it's always with his friends and not hers.

Liz ran into Ana's mom at the mall about a month ago and she was telling Liz how some of Ana's friends saw her boyfriend at the bar with another girl. I don't know if it's true or not. I wanted to tell Ana but didn't think it was my place.

She isn't happy in her relationship. I can tell. It's the fear of being alone...she has a guy who doesn't make her happy but doesn't want to let go in fear of not finding anyone else. So many people think that way, me included at times, and it's sad. She's comfortable and doesn't want to let go of the stability.

As we drove to the bar so that I could pick up money from Adam to give to Nate, I was explaining to Ana that Adam and I weren't doing much for Valentine's Day because we didn't have the money and such. She said that her and Jeremy were in the same boat. We went on to say how we were both kind of blah feeling about Valentine's Day. Both of us agreed that it was from all those years without having a valentine.

I felt a little bad when I came out of the bar carrying a rose and one of those big-ass Valentine's day cards. I really wasn't expecting anything which is why I didn't get Adam a gift. And really, I would have been content with nothing. But the surprise was really nice. So nice that I almost cried. The look on Ana's face was envious. That's why I felt bad. I wished that Jeremy would have gotten her a little something. Well, besides weed. Come to think of it, she probably paid for it because she pays for everything the two of them need or want. She's one of my best friends and I know that she can do better than him but I would never say it in those words.

Liz and I had two bowls of weed left from last week when we smoked with Justina. I was happy to be Liz's valentine's day date since Adam was at work and the guy she is sort of seeing is being shady.

It was cool just hanging out with her. We hadn't smoked just the two of us in a looong while. I can't even remember the last time. We opened the window in her bedroom, lit a candle, and put a blanket under the door to prevent the smoke from escaping into the hallway.

We were stoned after the first bowl but continued to smoke another one. Of course Liz gets stoned quicker than I do because she doesn't smoke nearly as often as me. We had music playing and were eating junk food and drinking sodas. Her and I talked about the funniest things. Funny to her and I. Inside jokes mostly.

She got out pictures from a party that we had at her house from October 2002. Unfortunatly I started writing in diaryland a few weeks after this party had taken place. I seemed like another person in those pictures as did everyone else. I haven't talked to some of the people in those pictures for years. I remember that night so well too despite the fact that I had ALOT to drink. I drank a few rum and cokes that night as well as vodka and gatorade. Almost all the pictures that I'm in are of me holding that god damn gatorade bottle. lol. I think I have copies of those pictures ... I'll have to look for them tonight.

Random things that I remember from that night in no particular order are .....

Liz's dad was asleep upstairs during the party.Erin hooked up with Justin while Justin was with Mer.Liz kept yelling at everyone to be quiet even though she was the loudest person there.Playing 7's, 11's, or doubles at the kitchen table.Chris coming and everyone running outside to say hello.Chris telling everyone that his name was Rob.listening to Dave Matthews Band 'Two Step' with Justin S.Heather coming later than everyone and me telling her I wanted a fuzzy naval because she had one.Me writing an email to Adam telling how much I liked him.Heather telling me to wait until morning to send it.Watching Justin and Erin makeout from the window upstairs (they were outside).Justin laying by the toilet in the bathroom with a loaf of bread by his side.Justin puking in an American Eagle bag...probably from drinking straight captain all night.Calling Jaquoline at an ungodly hour asking if she were alright because she had been in a car accident.Going to Weis before the party to buy cups.Wearing my new (at the time) jeans.Checking on Ashlee while she puked in the bathroom.Standing on the front porch talking.Giving Liz's neighbor a hug as her asshole boyfriend muttered that we were making too much noise....

God, I don't know ... I liked that re-cap. I shall do that again sometime with another party memory.

I wish I could relive certain moments in my life. I can't, it's not possible, but at least there are pictures.

missdahling at 6:26 pm