Monday, Feb. 14, 2005

No Complaints this Weekend

For once I'm not going to complain about my weekend. I honestly can't think of any one thing that really upset me. It was a nice, relaxing weekend without all the fighting, stress and irritability. I really needed a weekend like this.

I forgot to write that on Wednesday night Adam went to the emergency room around 1am because he felt like shit. Bronchitis and pnemonia are really going around his work so he thought that he might be getting that. The doctor told him that it was not his throat or lungs, but his back that was giving him problems. He must have pulled a muscle or something and was advised to take motrin. Also, no lifting for the next few days (i.e. kegs and cases of beer).

Glenda filled in for him on Thursday night and actually, on Friday his uncle Kenny offered to fill in for him even before he went to the hospital.

For most of the day on Friday I was worried sick about what happened on Thursday night. I couldn't not stop thinking about it and what would happen if those guys were to find him. I kept imagining the worst. It wasn't until he came by the office on Friday afternoon that I stopped worrying so much.

That night, we went to the Eagle's. Adam played partners in a pool match. I sat there and drank. When I got sick of the Bud Lights I switched over to peach wine. I got pretty torn up while I was there. I don't remember who Adam's pool partner was or if they won or not. I wasn't paying much attention to the game. I sat there and talked to anyone who would come my way. Yes, I was feeling very friendly that night.

We left sometime before 11. I know this because the adult boutique closes at that time and we wanted to go look around. We tried doing this the night before but they were already closed. I was a little disappointed with the shop. There were a lot of videos, but the toy department was a little sparce. We did manage to pick up a new vibrator, new handcuffs, some flavored gel, a fishnet outfit for me and a few other little things.

He liked the fishnet outfit. I put it on as soon as we got home. I've always wanted ond of those so I had to see how it looked. It was difficult to put on, but looked very kinky. Adam put the Seinfeld DVD's on tv and we smoked a bowl.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, Adam was waking me up with the vibrator. I remember him kissing me, touching me and I loved every minute of it. We had so much fun.

I drank on Friday night but didn't have any beers at the pool match on Saturday. I was really tired and really lazy. Getting out of bed wasn't bad though. I hate those weekdays when it's so tough getting out of bed because I know that my only reason for getting up is going to work. On weekends it just doesn't bother me.

The other team beat Adam's team pretty good at the match. They won by a few games. It wasn't even close. What was worse is that Adam lost his game this week. I was hoping that he'd win again. There's only 2 more matches left I think, and then the season is over.

By the time the pool match was over, I was starved. I hate the fact that I don't get up early enough to eat something before I leave the house. At least it would hold me over until the match is over. We ate cosmos at the sub shop. They were so good.

Another thing, I realized that I am paranoid. Well, either that, or everyone is actually talking about me. I thought that I heard these two woman talking about me on Friday night at the bar. I also got the feeling that everyone was looking at me while we were at the subshop. I got so uncomfortable that I didn't even want to walk to the soda machine to get a drink. All I wanted to do was hide in the booth we were sitting in. I wish I could be confident about myself. Even if they were talking about me, who cares? Why can't I just not care?

Until 10 o'clock that night, we layed around and got stoned. Even after the weed had worn off, we both felt really exhausted...not stoned anymore, just very out of it. It took a lot, but I did muster up enough strength to get dressed and go to the Hookies. They were having a Valentine's Day party thing. They had a sound system and a DJ. It's too bad they didn't have a crowd though. We weren't there for long and I was actually glad that I went. Not because I had a fantastic time or anything, but because Adam was really glad that I went with him.

We used the sex toys again that night....

The alarm went off at two in the afternoon. By 3:30, we were looking at another apartment. The landlord is a man who used to teach at the high school that Adam and I went to. Actually, Adam is one of his former students. The apartment had a nice sized kitchen which is where you entered the place through. Then when you left the kitchen you were taken to a hallway. There were two bedrooms; both were small, but one was littler than the other. The livingroom was moderatly sized; not huge or anything but nice. We both liked the house and the really nice thing was that heat was included. It was the same price (475.00 per month) as the place we looked at last week but slightly bigger. The catch was that he would absolutly NOT ALLOW PETS. I swear, we would have signed a lease right then and there if animals were allowed. he kept trying to talk us into getting rid of Mr. Skins too! I will not do that. I've grown to love Mr. Skins. He isn't an old piece of clothing that you can just give away; he's an animal; a living creature who has needs. He also loves and depends on Adam and I. I couldn't imagine not having him to come home to everyday after work or when I'm out. Yeah, giving Mr. Skins up is def. out of the question. No way in hell ...

Perhaps we should have thought through our purchases at the Adult Boutique differently because by Sunday we had absolutly no money left. Not even a dollar. Cigarettes were going to run out and we had no drinks (besides water) and no food. I was really worried about not eating yesterday. I had no idea where we were going to get money from. Luckily one of my credit cards has a $230.00 credit limit on it or else I don't know what we would have done.

For Christmas, Adam's grandma gave us $20.00 worth of movie bucks that we hadn't used yet. On Saturday we planned on seeing a movie anyway and it seemed even more perfect to go yesterday because we didn't have money. There had been so many other weekends when we said that we'd go see a movie and didn't. I'm actually glad that we waited until yesterday. Otherwise we would have been at home without anything to do.

I treated Adam to Ruby Tuesday before the movie. I had sirloin tips, an appetizer of coconut shrimp and two glasses of white zimfendel. Adam had a burger and fries I think. It had been a few weeks since we went out to eat. I think the last place that we went to was Penn's Tavern. I'm talking about nice places too; not getting subs or pizza.

The movie that we saw was called 'Hide and Seek'. The only reason I wanted to see it was because I heard it was good from other people. Adam wanted to see it because he likes Robert DeNero. Overall it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Not as scary, just your typical horror film I guess. I think the ending was my favorite part but I won't give it away to those of you who haven't seen it yet.

After the movie I watched Seinfeld until I fell asleep. I awoke today and just did not feel like coming into work. My weekends go by soooo fast! I hate it. Anyway, Adam and I aren't doing anything special for Valentine's Day this year because we are both broke. It doesn't bother me either because I know that he loves me. Sure, getting gifts and flowers and candy is nice, but we don't need to profess our love for each other on February 14th because we do that every day. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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