Friday, Feb. 11, 2005

Good Deal Gone Bad

Before Adam and I actually got together he was into some bad shit. The thing is, we knew almost nothing about each other. Well, we didn't know one another how we know each other now anyway. I wouldn't talk to him except for the few times a month when we would 'hang out'.

To help pay rent, bills, and other things Adam started selling marijuana. At first he just sold small bags to friends but then he got deeper into it. He started making LOTS of money doing this. He was making more money per week than I bring home in one paycheck. At the time, I had no idea that was so big into dealing.

One deal went all wrong and Adam ended up owing these guys some money. I don't know what amount, but I doubt that it's a cheap sum. I've never gotten many details about it, but I know for a fact that the whole situation was a huge, shady mess. On New Year's Eve when Adam's friend called, Adam told him the whole story. Since he had to tell Erik; his best friend, I'm not sure that anyone really knows the whole story. Good drug deal gone bad, that's my take on it.

Our roommate ran into one of the guys last night. He asked where Adam was and Matt told him that he moved to *insert name of town here*. As I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep I could hear him tell his girlfriend about it. Adam apparently heard too because a few moments later he went to the kitchen to talk about it.

He didn't say anything at first when he came back to bed. We sat in silence and smoked a cigarette. You could tell that something was wrong. We both knew. After our cigarettes were put out, Adam whispers,"I'm really scared, Jenn. Those guys are gonna come after me...I'm really, really scared." And when he admitted that he was scared, I panicked inside. I didn't know what to say.

I tried to calm him by telling him that there is no way they would find where we live. When he moved here, noone knew where he was going; not even his best friends. He moved so that he could get away from all that. He didn't want to live that lifestyle anymore so the only escape was to move back home and start over so to say. His friends know now where we live, but if they were approached they wouldn't tell them where we reside, would they? Friends would lie or keep their mouth shut. His friends know that these kids are a danger to him. I'd hope that they'd want to keep him out of harm's way.

The truth is, they could very well find out where we live. It wouldn't be that hard to figure out....

Adam said that this is the first time in a year and a half that anyone has brought this up. Could be, but how would we know if it were mentioned or not? We're in another town than they are and Adam doesn't talk to his friends from that town all that often.

I hope that I'm all worried for nothing. But if I'm not, what are we going to do? I've never been in this situation before. Well, I know that I'm not in it personally, but Adam is in it and if he's in it, I am too. Can anyone give me some advice?

missdahling at 10:28 am