Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2005


I finally have a moment of peace here. Work has been crazy all day long due to some changes that we are making in our data base system. I think we have all accounts switched over that need to be.

I was up until after 7 o'clock this morning talking with Adam. Things are good again. I won't go into that much detail, but things are resolved and we're working on our problems. After talking with him I wonder why I ever doubted him. I know that he loves me, but I sometimes forget that.

He said that our conversation was a real eye opener for him. He realizes that he can't handle his alcohol when he drinks an insane amount, even it only is beer. So many people have relationship problems because of alcohol. It can be a very dangerous substance if mixed with the right personality type. Adam told me that his dad lost both his mom and step-mom because of his heavy drinking. He doesn't want the same thing to happen to us and neither do I. It's all in the genes. Now I can look at him lovingly again and not feel resentment towards him. I missed him. Even though he was right there, I felt like he wasn't. I like staying and talking to him.

Another topic we discussed was the lease on our apartment. We might postpone moving out at the end of this month. It would be nice to get save some money so that we are able to buy furniture and prepay our cable bill. Our landlord will rent to us month by month and even week by week if need be. I'm so excited to move out but I know that it would be better if we waited another month or two.

Liz informed me that on Friday night while I was in my room by myself, some of my roommate's sisters' friends were snorting cocaine in the bathroom upstairs. She said that she was disgusted. Those girls were only 15 or 16. Girls that age are supposed to be going to the mall or on dates or going to the movies. What the fuck are they doing with cocaine?! That is one habit that I do not condone at all. It pissed me the fuck off to know that they brought that shit into my house. Not to mention that they were obnoxiously drunk off their asses and puked all over the floor. Poor Nicole had to clean it up too. I'm sorry, but have some fucking respect and don't go into other people's houses and act like stupid mother fuckers.

Being off work will be nice....come on 10 o'clock!

missdahling at 9:05 pm