Monday, Jan. 10, 2005

3 day weekend

Calling off work on Friday made a nice three day weekend for me. Adam and I both called off. We like doing that from time to time so we can spend the day together. It was relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it even though I think I only left the house a total of two times; both were to get food. The rest of the time I lounged around my bedroom with Adam and Mr. Skins.

We ran into my boss and his family while dining at a chinese restaurant in town on Saturday night. It was the only place I went the entire day (besides the video rental store) and we had to see him. It was a little awkward and kind of put a damper on my dinner. I kept wondering if he knew that I hadn't actually been sick the day before. I also kept wondering if he knew that I were a little under the influence. Today is Monday and he hasn't confronted me about anything so I must have just been paranoid.

We rented three movies after we ate. We rented Dodgeball, Collatarol and Anchorman. Collatarol was my favorite out of the three. I like action / drama / thriller movies a little better than comedies.

Adam's back started hurting him badly on Saturday night. I didn't know this because I was asleep, but I guess he was up most of the night because his back was bothering him so bad. He kept lathering himself in icy hot last night which helped, but still didn't make it 100% better. He's off work and bed ridden today. He gets a four day weekend. Lucky in that sense, but not lucky that he is in pain.

He asked if I thought his back hurt because of having sex. It could very well be possible I guess. We were pretty rough Friday and Saturday. but still, it wouldn't be aching this bad, would it? He could have slept on it wrong or maybe he lifted something heavy and didn't realize that he put a strain on it? Who knows. All I know is that I want him to get better.

My mother, father and two sisters went to visit my relatives who live near Philadelphia over the weekend. I think they left on Saturday and got back last night sometime. I was thinking about going with them but decided against it when my mom told me that Megan, Madison and I would be sitting in the back seat together. Now that I didn't go, I sort of feel bad. This was the first time in my whole 21 years of living that they went to visit my family without me.

Speaking of my 21 years of living .... I will soon be 22. Only 3 days left. I didn't even realize that the 13th was approaching so soon. I'm getting old!

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