Thursday, Jan. 06, 2005

Whores at Heart

I was thinking about all the guys I've slept with and hooked up with over the years. Some were important, others weren't. I think about some of them and others are non-existant.

It'll be a lot easier to list the number of people I've had sex with than the number I've just made out with / hooked up with, but I'll try.

First, sex partners. In order.

: : : : : : :

1. Sam (April 2000) - this is a guy I met over ICQ. He messaged me one day and we started talking. He told me that he wanted to meet me in person. I was hesitant, but really wanted to meet him. I was so naive because I had no idea that he looked for random girls on the internet to have sex with.

He came to my house one night to pick me up so that I could meet him. We parked by the football field to have sex. He didn't finish, but he was my first. sadly to say. Only a few of my close friends know that I had this encounter. I spoke with him on the internet a few times after that, but haven't spoken to him in 4 yrs.

2. Ben (July 2001) - He lived at a fraternity that I used to party at when I went to school at Bloom. He wasn't a frat brother, just a good friend of one of the brothers who lived at the house. I was very drunk and partying there one night. We started talking and he asked if I wanted to stay over. I remember sitting on his lap in the livingroom while 'Scary Jen' (that's what my friends and I nicknamed her) kept shooting me looks of hatred.

We didn't have sex that night because I had my period, but we ended up fucking about a week or so later. I'd see him around campus while walking to parties and going to parties at his house, but nothing more than that. I never saw him again after that summer.

3. Adam M. (August 2001) - This Adam is not to be confused with my Adam. I met him at a frat party (not the frat I met Ben at) one drunken night. My friends and I were just about to leave when Tary taps me on the shoulder and says,"That guy over there wants your phone number." I went up to him and talked and we somehow ended up back at his house.

We hung out with another couple, drinking beer and eating wings and pizza (the other girl who was there worked at a pizza shop). The girl had been friends with Adam for awhile and told me that he was very picky. He didn't go for just anyone. I thought that perhaps it could turn into something more, but it never did. Maybe because after we had sex, I threw up on his tv.

4. Adam (November 2001) - Now, this is my Adam. One night Ana had a party at her house. I had talked to Adam the night before and we mentioned hanging out the next night. I hung out with my friends and decided to call Adam when I got drunk. It was late, but I called anyway. He was playing guitar at his apartment and had just gotten home from drinking. I can distinctly remember him saying to me over the phone,"Aren't we supposed to hang out tonight?"

We met at Dunkin' Donuts; the halfway point between where he was and where I was. Actually, we had to drive back to Ana's because I had brought her kitten with me to Dunkin'. I don't know why, probably because I was drunk. Anyway, we dropped the kitten back off, then went to his apartment.

When we got there, we listened to music and made out. Then, all of a sudden, he was putting a condom on. We had sex while Creed's "My Own Prison" played in the background. Honestly, I don't think it lasted much longer than the song. Thank god he's gotten much better than that. ;-)

5. John (March 2002) - Again, another guy I met while partying at Bloom. This one went to my high school though. I went outside to put out my cigarette and saw that there were about seven or eight guys there who I graduated with. These were guys who pretty much treated everyone like shit unless you were 'one of the group', so I never bothered talking to John in high school. I knew of him, but I didn't know him.

We ended up going to another party. We started out with his friends, but by the end of the night, he had ditched them. Before long, we arrived at a familiar place. It was the house of another guy (Adam R.) I had hooked up with one night and had also gone to high school with. I had no idea that they were friends though. A complete coicidence.

John and I fooled around first. Someone opened the door when we were doing a 69. Then had sex. And it was better than any other sex I had prior to that. He begged me to stay the night with him, but I declined. Instead, I went to Adam's (my Adam). John called me a few times after that, but I never went. Last I heard, he was in the military.

6. Adam R. (April 2002) - The two of us had hooked up a few times before actually having sex. Go figure, but he got my number from John and called to see if I wanted to come to a party he was throwing. I went and hung out with a lot of kids from high school who graduated with him (class of 2000).

They all watched Adam and I hook up from outside his bedroom window. We weren't actually having sex yet, but close to it when I heard someone say something like,"ooh, Adam, you dirty ...." He then got up and closed the curtains.

It was the first time I had sex without a condom. He started out with one on, but he was very well-endowed and it broke so he just took it off. We hung out maybe once after that, then he just kind of stopped calling. It didn't really bother me though because we talked about relationships and what we wanted and didn't want. He told me he didn't want anything serious, and I respected the fact that he was honest with me. Someone told me that he still goes to college but he should be graduated already. So I don't know.

7. Zack , a.k.a. Scope (June 2002) - At Ocean City, Md, they have these guys who run up and down the beach taking people's pictures. After they're taken, they take the film to the photo lab or whatever and put them in these little telescope things that you can use as a keychain. A hot scope named T.J. took Tia and I's picture and asked if we'd like to hang out that night.

T.J. brought his friend Zach when he came to pick Tia and I up at our condo. We played beer pong most of the night, then went back to T.J.'s house. We drank more beer, and watched the beginning of American Pie. Tia and T.J. went to sleep in his bedroom, leaving Zach and I in the livingroom.

He said,"Do you want to split the couch with me? It's the most comfortable couch in the city."

I know, I know, a bad line was used. The sex was fun though. It was a nice way to remember the beach.

8. Kevin (October 2002) - We met at Adam's first apartment and I gave him head in the bathroom because it was the only door that had a lock on it. Little did I know that he would be Adam's roommate the next semester.

One night I was bored at Adam R.'s house so I called Kevin to see if he wanted to see me or not. I had him meet me outside so he could sneak me in without letting Adam see me. We had loud, crazy sex , then went to sleep. He woke me up in the middle of the night to fool around some more. He knew what he was doing and how to do it. Because of that, I continued to see him off and on until the end of that school year when he went home for summer break. He graduated and is working in N.J now.

9. Vince (August 2003) - My sister introduced us. At the point when I met Vince, things between Adam and I were still up in the air. I didn't know whether we were together, or just being fuck buddies. So, I didn't think it was a bad idea to meet a new guy. My sister and her friends were kind of encouraging me to go for Vince anyway, so that helped to persuade my decision.

The second time I went over with my sister, I stayed at his house after everyone else had gone home. We were sitting on his bed and he was being very flirtacious. Then he started kissing me. He was NOT well-endowed at all and didn't finish because he said that I wore him out.

He tried to have sex with me again a few more times after that but I had to say no because Adam and I had officially gotten together. I see him around and he is just so shady at times. I often forget that I even had sex with him.

: : : : : : :

I've realized that most of these boys are people whom I've met at parties. Try not to judge me, ladies and gentleman, we're all whores at heart.

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