Wednesday, Jan. 05, 2005

The Gecko Pool Stick

When Adam and I got home last night, we walked into our bedroom and as soon as I turned on the light, I saw a package sitting on our bed.

I go,"Oh! Your pool stick is here!"

He then kept saying,"Oh my god! Oh my God!"

He sounded so excited; just like a little kid on his birthday or Christmas.
I could immediatly see his eyes light up with excitement as he ripped open the brown shipping box that it came in.

And when the box was opened and he started tearing the plastic that it was enclosed in, I could tell that he loved it.

He admired it as he put it together. The geckos on it were actually really cute even though I didn't like them at first. They look different in person though. He held it as if he were actually shooting and smiled. He told me he couldn't wait to use it.

I don't even care that I don't have my present from him yet either. I think I was more excited to watch him open his gift. It was actually a surprise for me too because I didn't think it'd be in this early. The company that I ordered it from called me when they received my orderform and said that they were out of stock. The delivery date was supposed to be somewhere closer to the end of January.
I am so glad he likes it.

It's sleeting/snowing/raining outside. The roads are supposed to get slick for the first time this winter. I hate it. Every year I say that I'm moving to a warmer climate. And every year I find myself in the same place ....

Our lease is up so soon. It's rapidly approaching. I mentioned to Adam last night that we need to start looking for places real soon. I've been looking in he classified ads for apartments for rent and there are quite a few. Most of them have utilities included which is exactly what we need. We should be able to find a nice place. I just can't wait to move out. I'm excited.

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