Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2004

Don't Call Me Daughter

You may not know what it was you said, but that's not the point. Apologize.

Your plans for the evening will change when you least expect them to, so prepare yourself. If a call arrives around noon, try not to be impatient. Remember, sometimes surprises are good -- and besides, everything happens for a reason.

I'm thinking that maybe I should have gotten up this morning. I'm in a semi-bad mood today.

My mom called this morning while I was still asleep. I heard my phone ring the secomd time she called but not the first. I called back and she said that she was taking Megan out for lunch around noon. I was planning on going along, but fell back asleep. Megan called at ten minutes after noon and said that they had been waiting for me. I told her that I fell asleep and I didn't have any money anyway.

It wasn't a big deal, but now I've decided that it was. A few hours ago, I talked to Megan over instant messenger. I messaged her to tell her that she needs to make arrangements to get my computer (it's been at my parents' for almost a year. I haven't used it since I moved out and it now has spyware and viruses out the ass) fixed or else tell my mom to get it fixed. Megan types back 'Why would mom do anything for you?'

She then explained that my mother was a little angry that they were waiting for me this morning and I didn't show up. Not only that, she was disappointed.

I'm mad at myself for doing that to them. I should have either went or told them that I wasn't going. It was completly irresponsible to just not show up. I wish I would have went. I let my mom down and I feel awful about it. I started crying right here at my desk while Megan was telling me this.

I did call my mom and apologized, but I still feel like shit.

Megan is right, why would my mom want to do anything for me?
I haven't been a very good daughter.

missdahling at 4:24 p.m.