Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2004

I'll meet you further up the road

Today is going to be a much better day than yesterday was. I can tell already. And if it turns sour, I'll make it better. I need to start thinking more positively.

I was proud of myself this morning when Adam woke me up. I got up without a lot of bitching and complaining. Then I took him to work, came home and showered. I rarely ever have time to take a shower before work. I should start making time because I think it's better to start your day so fresh so clean. It makes me feel better, which might make some of my bad days not so bad.

One of my co-workers is on vacation right now, so we have a college student (one of the owners of the company I work fors son), Bruce, filling in for him. Bruce started working here, almost 3 years ago, at the same time that I did. He graduated a year behind me, but is also 21 like me.

Today, I walked into the office and saw that Bruce was sitting at the front desk. I said 'hello', and he also said 'hello' and just blurted out,"I'm engaged!" Whoa!

I don't even think he's been seeing this girl for very long. Which brings me to another story that I cannot believe I forgot to write about....

At the gift exchange with Liz, Heather and Ana, we found out some big news. When Heather finally arrived at Liz's (she was an hour later than there rest of us because she went to church), she sat down on the couch and Liz exclaimed,"Oh my god!! What's on your finger!?"

It was a wedding band. Dan proposed to her at the airport when she picked him up. They got married on Thurday, December 23 at the J.P. They didn't tell anyone they were getting married either. The only people who were there to witness it were their parents and Heather's grandfather. I was shocked. They had been talking about getting married for so long, cancelled the wedding, but now it's finally done and over with.

They're moving to California on Thursday, December 30 because that's where Dan is stationed. They'll be living with another marine couple on base. Heather has never met the other couple so I pray that she gets along with the marine and his wife. She was telling us last night that she was nervous about meeting them because the wife sounds 'prissy'. I guess she asked if Heather was a clean person and all this. I really hope that this roommate will be a friend to Heather. She's going to need a friend.

I really hope she didn't make a mistake. They were having so many problems in their relationship which is why they called off the wedding a few months back. Heather was supposed to move to Cali before and decided against it due to struggles that they've had. To me, she doesn't seem happy, but maybe it's just nerves.

Last night while we were all hanging out at Liz's, she was pissed off at him for an incident that happened earlier in the day between them. She pretty much left without saying goodbye to everyone and just stormed out. It kind of pissed me off because that will most likely be the last time I will see her for god knows how long.

I'm sad, happy, envious, and nervous for her all at once. I want the best for her. I just know things will work out well.

Good luck in Cali Heather. I'll miss you!

"Let's take the good times as they come and I'll meet you further up the road."

missdahling at 2:05 p.m.