Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2004

Gifts Bought - Gifts That Need Bought

4 days until Christmas and I still have lots to do. Lots to buy yet.

So far I have bought the following gifts for the following people.

Adam - - McDermott Pool Stick
Gift is on the way....ordered last week

Megan - - Sex & the City - Seasons 1-5

Madison - - Airbrush Tattoo Maker

-2 Easy Bake Oven Refills

-Care Bears Checkers - -
-3 Cans of Washable Spray Paint (couldn't find a picture to link to it)

Ana - - Tommy Hilfiger Handbag (couldn't find a picture to link to it)
-Bath N Body Works shower gel (black raspberry vanilla) and loofah
-$20.00 Gift Certificate for the mall

Nicole - - $35.00 Gift Certificate for Express

I told Adam that he was in charge of buying Malone a gift since I took care of Nicole's. I just hope that we spend the right amount of money on them. If we spend more than they spend on us, it would be better than us spending less.

I need to get a gift for Auto too ...

and Mr. Skins.

And my parents of course. I think I'm going to get my parents a gift certificate to go out to eat as well as a gift for each of them.

I also need to get Adam some gifts. I already ordered his pool stick, but I want him to have gifts to open on Christmas since the stick won't be in by the 25th. I was thinking about getting him wireless controllers for his PS2, and video game, and maybe a DVD or something. I ordered him a shirt from Banana Republic too so I can wrap that up and give it to him for Christmas. I wish I could think of something really special. I guess there's always Valentine's Day coming up Feb. That's when I can be creative. I need to start planning it now though.

My Christmas Shopping will resume on the 24th because that's the next time Ill have money to shop. Talk about last minute. I do this every year too.

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