Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2004

He's My Everything

After I had brought Adam home from work last night, he brought up a good point last night.

Our lease is up in March and we're planning on moving out. We've decided that it's time for a place of our own. We don't want to deal with roommates anymore. It would be nice to have things our own way; just the way we want them to be. Right now, everything is just how Nicole wants them to be. I don't want that anymore. I think once we move, things will seem more like 'ours', instead of 'theirs' (Matt and Nicole's).

The point that he brought up was that we have a lot to think about while looking for new apartments. Right now, per person, we pay $132.00 a month. When we move out, our rent will go up because we both agree that we probably won't find a place that we like for under $400.00 per month. Our heat is included in our rent right now, so it would be smart to look for another place where heat is included with the rent. The only utility we pay is our electric bill. We also want to get cable and internet hooked up at a new place.

As he was explaining these things to me, I started thinking about it too. It's going to be a lot more expensive. We'll have to pay for basic things like that, as well as other miscallaneous expenses like cell phone bill & credit card bills. My car payment is $250.00 per month and I also have a $50.00 loan from the bank that I pay once a month. Not to mention we'll have to eat, of course. And my car insurance is paid every three months ($300.00). We'll have to buy furniture and dishes and things too because most of what we have now is Nicole's. Until last night, I never thought about all of these costs.

I just hope we'll be able to afford to move out. I guess I could always get a second job in the mornings before I come here at 1:30 or I could work weekends.

Adam sounded a little worried as he explained all these things to me. I assured him that it would be alright and we'd figure it out. We'll just have to really look around and see what the best deal is for us. For once, I was the one trying to make things better and not him comforting me, as it usually turns out. But for some reason, I do know that it will be okay. He's all I need. If I have him, I have everything.

missdahling at 2:36 p.m.