Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2004

Customer Service Seminar

I was going to finish the entry that I started while I was stoned and at work, but I can't seem to remember what I did on Sunday.

Monday night I watched the Tennessee vs. Kansas City game at Liz's house with her, Kymmy and Heather. That game had so many penalties in it. It was ridiculous. It lasted until 1am.

What I wanted to do was to go right to sleep when I got home. But you know when you try to sleep, it never happens. You end up tossing and turning and wasting time jus trying to fall asleep. Adam came home and after much debating as to go to sleep or stay awake the night, we decided to catch a nap. We slept for an hour.

At quarter of six, he dropped me off at work because I had to travel to Harrisburg for a customer service seminar. Me, and two other co workers went. We got there at 8 and left around 4 or so. It was boring, but better than work. I'd go to another one just to get out of coming to the office for a day.

I arrived home, did some dishes and just waited for Adam to get finished with work. When he did, we went to Beaver's house, then Ben's. Ben, Adam, and Dodge wanted to go bowling, but they couldn't get ahold of the bowling ally to see if we could reserve a lane, plus, I was tired and didn't really want to go.

It pissed me off because he goes to Ben,"Let's smoke a bowl and then go bowling!" Ben and Dodge were all for it, but I wasn't. I think part of the reason why I didn't want to go was because he asked them before me. He waited until Dodge was already on the phone trying to get ahold of Strike Zone when he asked,"Could you go bowling?" And when I said no, Ben asked if Adam could go. I said I didn't care. And I didn't care. Ben and Adam each gave each other a 'look' as if to say'Yeah, she doesn't want me/you to go.'

We ended up going home and going to sleep before 11pm. That's early for us. So early but it was probably better. He was fucked up (drunk and stoned but I'm not sure if he was more drunk or more stoned) and getting on my nerves by not listening to me, and repeating himself.

I'm getting into a rut again. I don't enjoy going out and when I do, it feels like a hastle. This Saturday Adam's friends' band is playing at the bar. I've heard him tell many other people about it, but not to me direclty. The thing is, I know he expects me to go or is assuming that I will go. So, if he waits until Saturday to bring it up, should I say hautily,"Well, you didn't tell me that *insert band name here* was playing!! I've made other plans."
Or should I just go? Do I want to go?

Am I being ridiculous?

What is wrong with me? I don't usually and don't like acting like this.

missdahling at 4:50 p.m.