Thursday, Dec. 02, 2004

and he drinks TOO much ....

My throat is still scratchy and sore, my nose is still running and to top it off, I'm upset about another fight that Adam and I got into last night.

This time the argument was about sleep. When I talked to him early yesterday I said that I was taking a two day hiatus from smoking pot. Last night and tonight were supposed to be nights where I went home and slept. I did go to Liz's and hung out with herm Kymmy, and Heather for a bit, but then came home and went to bed.

For awhile, I layed there, kind of tossing and turning, just trying to fall asleep. Falling asleep isn't easy for me because I'm not used to going to bed that early. There were a few interruptions; like Malone asking if we had a bud he could borrow until he got a bag. I said sure and called Adam to ask where the weed was (I told him to hide it so that I wouldn't be able to find it and smoke it after work) and told him that even though I had said I was going to sleep, he could wake me up when he got home so we could smoke and hang out.

At about 2:30 I woke up and called Adam to say hi and let him know that I wouldn't be going to the Eagle's, I was going to stay at home and sleep. He was still going to wake me up when he got home until I thought about it and realized that I'd rather get a good night's sleep instead of broken sleep. I called him back and told him this. He asked,"Why? Don't you want to hang out?" I replied,"Of course, but I have to get up early and I don't feel the best." He told me that he'd be out of there around quarter after four.

Not meaning to, I awoke from my sleep. The clock beside the bed said that the time was exactly 3:51am. Perfect. It was the time when Adam was supposed to be home so that meant that I could see him anyway. I called his work to see if he was coming home soon. He said that everyone had one or two drinks to go and then he'd be home. That's not what he told me. He told me that he would be out of there at 3:45. I told him that I was going back to sleep and I'd see him in the morning.

Fifteen minutes later, when he did come home I was sleeping. He tried to wake me up and at first I just kind of stirred and tried to respond to him but was too tired.

He ended up getting pissed off because I was sleeping and didn't want to wake up. If he had a problem with me going to sleep he should have told me so when I talked to him on the phone, not waited until he got home to bitch at me.

He kept asking whether or not I wanted to smoke a bowl with him. My response was the same each and every time he asked me. I said,"If you want to smoke, set the alarm for 12 instead of 10:30." That way I'd have longer to sleep. He continued to make snide remarks and I had no idea why. I was tired and wanted to sleep and he seemed to have no problem with that until he got home.

It was all clear to me as to why he was mad at the fact I wanted to sleep when he said,"I was really horny tonight."

There you have it. He was horny and wanted to have sex which is why he didn't want me to be sleeping.
Well, thanks for making me feel like shit. That isn't right, I don't think.

Today when I talked to him over my dinner break, I told him that I was going directly home after work tonight and going to bed.

He just called and apologized. He said that he had too much to drink last night which is exactly what I suspected. He gets like that when he over drinks sometimes. It hasn't happened for awhile, but I hate when it does. I hate when he does that. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT ! ! ! I asked what I did to make him act that way and he said nothing.

I couldn't really talk because I'm at work, but I told him I'd call him when I got home. I just know that everything will be okay. Things have to be okay..

Does anyone else have this problem with their boyfriend? Someone please tell me I'm not the only one.

I apologize for all the dramatic entries as of late. I feel like I'm 16 yrs. old with all these lame, immature fights. This needs to stop.

missdahling at 7:33 p.m.