Friday, Nov. 26, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm back at work and not wanting to be here, but glad that it's Friday. I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving yesterday and hope everyone else did too.

When waking up yesterday, I mumbled,"Can't they postpone Thanksgiving? I'm too tired to get up."
We only got around five hours of sleep so we wer both exhausted. I felt better though after taking a shower and getting ready.

Nicole made dinner but we didn't eat it because it wasn't ready by the time we had to leave for Patty and Jack's. I'm not used to so many people being at one place for holidays. My family is smaller than Adam's. Usually, when we have dinner at my parents' house, it's only my grandma, and sometimes uncle. At Patty and Jack's, the entire family on his dad's side comes over. There were about sixteen of us there yesterday.

The food was really good. I was starving before we left, so when it was time to eat, I got my plate of food and started eating very fast. I think that filled me up. I was too full to go back for seconds.

We didn't stay too long after we ate because we still had visiting to do. We decided to go to my parents' next. My grandma was there, but Megan had already left to go to Julia's. Every year they eat a meal and then go to the other's for another meal. Adam and I visited with my family for a little while before heading out to Mount Carmel.

We were in Mount Carmel for an hour and then headed home after visiting with his mom and her boyfriend and an older couple that they had over for dinner.

We were back in town by about 5.

I was glad to be home. I was glad that I could relax and smoke finally. For the first time in a few days, we had sex. Since my day was so nice yesterday, I felt like I fell even more in love with him than I already was. I was glad and thankful that he wanted to spend the holiday with me. I thanked him for doing so many times too.

Even though I didn't really feel like going out, I did anyway. I didn't want to put a damper on the day we had. We stopped at the Ends for a few and then went to Danley's to meet Adam's friend, Ryan. He's back from Pittsburg, although I don't know if he just came home to visit, or if he's staying. After hearing the gay, Mexicans play Ricky Martin, "She Bangs" over and over again on the jukebox, we decided to leave.

Adam, Ryan, and I all had one beer at the Eagle's and then went home. We only smoked one bowl before going to bed. I wanted to hang out, but he was tired.

Do you want to know what Adam is getting me for Christmas? A PRADA purse! I am so excited. I love purses. I literally have a closet full of them, but no Prada purses. That's the perfect gift.

We told each other what we were getting for the other. Christmas is so soon....too soon.

missdahling at 10:09 a.m.