Oct. 20, 2004

Go Yankees!

Yankees lost last night, but tonight ....

Complete domination (I hope).

Screw you Bosox!!!! Go Yanks!!!

"Twas the seventh game of the series and all through the city
The last 85 years for Boston has been such a pity
Now you can't blame losing every year on bad luck,
85 years without a victory means Boston just sucks.
On Jeter, on Bernie, on Sheffield and Matsui,
On Jorge, on Brown, on Arod and Torre.
Carry this team and extend their little curse,
throw at us again Pedro, you'll leave in a hearse.
To the true fans of New York, sit back and watch the screen,
Now let's all say it together....

1-9-1-8 ...1918"

Last night Adam and I got really stoned. We came home from the Eagle's and smoked with everyone at home (people were over). Then we smoked a aong by ourselves. It was all we had left too, so I don't know what we're going to do tonight.

I wanted to have sex last night, but we both ended up falling asleep. He was turning me on just by talking to me. He grabbed my hair playfully and said,"I like to pull your hair when we have sex...and you like it too. The harder I pull, the more you like it!"

He also said that I was making him horny by the way I was sitting. I was laying on the bed with one leg up in the air. haha ........

Tonight, I need sex

missdahling at 9:06 p.m.