Oct. 21, 2004

Jerking Off

This might be a strange thing to talk about, but the topic on my mind is masturbation.

After Adam and I got home from the Eagle�s last night we were just sitting in bed relaxing. We were both in our comfortable clothes; him in shorts and a t-shirt, and me in pajama shorts and white wife beater.

I used to have my nipple pierced, but fell out sometime last year while Adam and I were having sex and it grew shut. Lately, I�ve been talking about getting it repierced, but wasn�t sure which one to get done (the right nipple or the left). Adam was looking at me and goes,�I think you should get the left one pierced.� That was the one I had pierced before too. He joked around saying how he liked to grab onto it. And actually, my initial reason for getting the left one done was that most guys are right handed, so I thought they�d go for the left breast as opposed to the right. I explained this theory to Adam and he responded by saying,�Not necessarily; I am right handed and I jerk off with my left.�

That�s where the topic turns to masturbation. He says that he only does it about three times a week, which isn�t that much in my opinion. According to him, most guys jerk off once a day or more. And yes, I think that he is indeed correct. He would know, right? Since he�s a guy and all �

I don�t care that he does it, it�s a fact that he�s going to do it. I just seem to forget that he does it. It probably sounds like a weird question, but when exactly does he do it? While I am at work? Or after I go to sleep at night, he sometimes stays awake. Does he do it then? Or maybe while I am at home and he is in the bathroom? Perhaps he does it in the bathroom at work? Who knows�..

I occasionally masterbate too, but he doesn�t know that. If he asked, I�d tell him. I know that I can be honest with him and he wouldn�t care. Hell, he might even think it�s hot!

I guess I was just thinking about it because it�s something we had never really discussed before. We have sex quite often, so maybe that�s why it only happens three times a week.

We don�t have any trees so we had to take resin hits from the bong last night. Afterwards, I gave him head. I thought he was going to rip my hair out he was pulling it that hard. I still have my period so he couldn�t go down on me. But after we had sex, he said,�Jenn, I�m so in love with you.� It�s great because I feel exactly the same way about him too. We�re going to be together for a long time I hope. I can�t imagine life without him.

missdahling at 9:17 p.m.