Oct. 18, 2004

New Tire

Friday night I went dinner with Liz and Kymmy at Garden Terrace. Then I bought them vodka from the liquor store. Liz was having people over that night, but I was too tired to go. I got about one hour of sleep the night before so I went home and waited for Adam.

The night was so relaxing. We watched Sopranos and smoked.

Saturday I went to the mall with Justin because Adam worked from 5-midnight to help out. I went in around 12 and we stayed at karaoke for a bit.

We went home and watched Sopranos because I had rented a few more disks for him to watch.

Adam and I went to the Ends with Ben yesterday for some beers, then went to Ben's house to play some video games and order wings.

When we left and were on our way to A-Plus, we realized that my tire was flat. Must have got a nail in it or something because it was completly flat and could not be patched or anything.

I had to take it to Expert Tire this morning before work so they could put a new one on. I also got my oil changed. The total price was $100.00. Fuck....that's expensive. It sucks.

missdahling at 9:10 p.m.