Oct. 01, 2004

Parking Tickets - Dealt With

I was supposed to go to bed shortly after I got off work last night, but ended up not going to bed until 4:30. That sucks when you have to get up at 8 to be to work by 8:30.

I went to the eagle's last night because the other bartender who works with Adam got a babysitter for the night so she could go out. We stayed at the Eagle's for one, then went to Danley's to see Adam's dad because he was working.

Liz had called while I was at the bar and asked if I wanted to come over. So that's what I did after I dropped Fallon off at the Eagle's. I got there and Dan, Liz, Heather and Justin were sitting around the kitchen table playing cards. The game was called 'Pass the Trash', also known as 'White Asshole'. I played one hand, but lost fairly quickly.

I got to Liz's pretty late, so by the time I got there, everyone was getting ready to leave. Liz and I are supposed to go out for dinner tonight though so we'll hang out then. I haven't been seeing much of her lately.

Adam got out of work an hour early, but it didn't seem like it. I was getting tired, but stayed awake because I still wanted to hang out with him.

At home, he packed me a G-Bong which made me feel sick about ten minutes later. I took too big of a hit and I wasn't ready for it I guess. I said,"I don't feel good." "Go to the bathroom then,"he said. I was in there for, I swear, no longer than three minutes. I did throw up but I was smoking right after that. I felt a lot better after throwing up.

We turned on Family Guy, then had amazing sex. Yes, it was to die for. I had lots of fun.

This morning when I woke, he got up too. He wanted to clean the room because our new landlords were coming by the apartment to look at it. When I talked to Adam a little earlier, he said everything went well with them. He said the guy was very nice. Now maybe he can ask about us getting a dog.

In 15 minutes I leave for my lunch break. Then I have to go to the magestrates office and take care of that shit. I dont want to. I called them this morning to let them know that I was going to be stopping in. The receptionist was with a client and said she wanted to check and see if a warrant went out yet. She was supposed to call me back, but never did.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ok, just got back from the magestrates office. First I went to the wrong place and the women at the front desk was a complete bitch to me. I wanted to punch her in the face.

I am making payment plans. I made a payment of $35.00 today. I think the next one is due on Oct. 15th.

Thankfully I got this taken care of. I felt bad because my mom was upset about it. Now, I can finally call her. I didn't want to face her before because I knew she would bitch at me. I think I will call my mother now.


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