Oct. 03, 2004

Three Day Probation

I am writing this from my paren't house. This will be the last time that you will be hearing from me until Thursday. I am on probation at work for three days. I got off the phone with a customer and yelled "fucking asshole." There was a walk-in customer at the counter who heard me say it. My asshole boss suspended me. Maybe I deserved it, but my job is so stressful sometimes that I cannot handle it. I wish there were a way to control it.

Jesus, it happened about twenty minutes before my shift ended on a Friday afternoon. What fucking shit I tell you. I wish that somehow I could become famous or win the lottery so that I could just quit my job. I want to make my boss look like an ass. I can just imagine me going into work and naming all the things I hate about our company. I would totally bitch him out....and when I was finished, on the way out the door, I would call him a "fucking asshole".

missdahling at 5:36 p.m.