Oct. 27, 2004

Happy Birthday To Mom

Megan called me on Monday night and said that I should call my mom because it was her birthday. Oops! I can never remember my mother's birthday. Honestly, I don't even know how old she is. Instead of calling her (she was at work), I went to wal Mart right after work and picked out a gift for her. In addition to a nice card, I got her rose-tinted candle holders and some votive candles. I went to her job, but didn't see anyone so I just sat it in the break room with her name on it. She called me around midnight when she left work to thank me. I'm glad I did that for her.

Last night I went home to find Hue, Malone, Nicole, and Vince sitting in the livingroom. We all smoked a blunt minus Nicole and Malone. It was boring, but I had to find something to do until it was time to pick Adam up at 1:30. He�s filling in for someone at the fire company and tending bar from 5:30pm � 1:00am. I�m glad because that means he gets off earlier than he would if he were working at the Eagle�s.

At home I just chilled with everyone, watched them play video games, etc. Our lease is up in March and Nicole was asking me if Adam and I had talked about what we were going to do come spring. I have no idea. He mentioned that we could try to find someone else to live with us because I am almost certain that Malone and Nicole want to move out in March. I�d like to move out too because I�d love an apartment with just Adam and I. Kind of a place to actually call �ours�. Then again, I like the place I�m at now and moving is obviously a big pain in the ass. It seems like a long while away, but it�s actually just around the corner.

Before I left to pick him up I smoked a bowl by myself. I was stoned, but I didn�t think I was all that bad. Somehow when we got to the bar and I had a drink, I could tell that I was getting fucked up. I only had three beers and a kahlua and milk but I was feeling tipsy.

My medication is helping me in social situations, I think. Normally I probably wouldn�t have even wanted to go to the Eagles, or I�d go and be a bitch. But last night I was fine. I was happy and in a great mood. I sat there while Adam played a few games of pool and talked to the people around me. I was pretty ready to go though when we left at three.

We went home and I had so much fun hanging out with him. We smoked a few bowls and just enjoyed one another.

I love how I can be myself around him and just act silly and relax. I can say anything I want to without feeling embarrassed or stupid or not witty.

He ate me out after not doing it for what seems like weeks. My period is finally completely gone. He grabbed my crotch and asked what I call it. I looked at him seductively and said,�Well, it could be called a lot of different things �.like my pussy, my twat, my vagina�.� And the list went on; and it turned Adam on. He kept rubbing me and said he was horny. Him and I had sex for a little bit, but he couldn�t�..it kept going limp. He swears it isn�t because of me and he kept apologizing repeatedly. I understand that shit happens and I told him he didn�t need to say he was sorry for something like that. he was like,"It isn't fair to you."

I'm glad he likes keeping me happy. Can't wait until he gets off work tonight.

missdahling at 5:29 p.m.