Oct. 25, 2004

Live In Concert

I wish I didn�t have to come back to work this afternoon. The weekends always seem to go by too quickly. I don�t even do a whole lot, but they just fly by�.

On Friday after work, I went home to take a shower. On those days I just don�t find the time to get one in the morning since I have to be there by 8:30am. It�s way too early for me. Adam had called before I got in the shower to let me know that he was going to the Hookies with someone from work for a beer or two. I got ready and got sick of waiting for him so I ended up falling asleep. He was only supposed to be gone for about a half an hour, but rolled in around 9. Whatever, I didn�t make a big deal about it. Actually, I didn�t even say one word about it.

So, he comes in and tells me that he wants to go to the bar in town to see his band play. They were playing at 9:30 because they were opening for another band. On Thursday I had said that I wanted to go because I had never seen them play live before. Friday I was dead tired the whole day so I didn�t really feel up to going. And he agreed with me; he was just too tired and worn down. If he said that, then why did he decide he wanted to go?

He walks in our room, wakes me up and tells me to hurry up because they were going to be taking the stage very soon. Me, being still half asleep, tell him that I don�t want to go as he sat there and packed a bowl which he tried to get me to smoke with him. At first I didn�t even want to smoke, but of course I did anyhow. I�m not sure exactly how he convinced me to go, or if I decided myself that I was going, but I said to him,�Fine, I will go, but if I want to leave, I am leaving.�

We were greeted by a whole bunch of Adam�s friends from Bloom who were at the bar to see the band play. Adam was drunk when he came home at 9, and now we were at the Pepp to drink more. Great. I should have known how things would turn out. Adam + drunk = asshole to Jenn.

We go to the bar and have a few drinks �. I drank more than I thought I would. I had about three beers and three shots. God even knows how much Adam drank. The band played very well. I liked their show. I talked a little bit with Adam�s friends�.most of them I had met before, but hadn�t seen in a few years. They all remembered me, but I only remembered a few of them.

I did remember Adam�s friend Curtis, who I met at 88. I can remember one time I was talking to Curtis about Adam, telling him how much I liked him and all. Curtis even talked to Adam for me. I thought that was nice and that�s probably why I remembered him. Later on at the Pepp that night, Adam asked if I had ever hooked up with Curtis (I didn�t) or anyone else at the bar! He was like,�Did you know Curtis from BEFORE ?? I introduced you guys and you both acted really shady.�
Then he asked if I had hooked with any of the bouncers. It was ridiculous.

When the band finished playing, Adam and two of his friends went back to our house to smoke. I was feeling good at the bar, and stoned when I left home to take them back to the bar. We dropped them off and then went to A-Plus.

I thought we were going to hang out, but he was so fucked up. After he was mean to me ( I don�t really remember what about, but I was upset), I went to the livingroom to smoke a bowl with Nicole since he didn�t want to hang out. We watched the ending of Mean Girls and just hung out. I went back to bed a little after Malone came home.

Since I was mad at Adam and he was passed out in shorts and a t-shirt, I decided to turn the air conditioning on high and take all the covers for myself. He woke up in the middle of the night/early morning and was freezing. He tried to cuddle with me, but I wouldn�t let him. I hold a grudge and can be very spiteful. I said to him half asleep,� Oooh, so you�re going to be nice to me now?� He tried to come back at me by saying that I was rude to him too. I was and knew it, but I spit one right back and said,�Yeah, I was and I know it and apologized countless times last night! And you didn�t.� I kept talking about it and he wasn�t saying anything. I asked why and all he could say was,�I�m ashamed! What do you want me to say?� He did apologize and we smoked a bowl and then had sex. I went back to sleep for awhile and he stayed up playing video games until it was time to get ready for the pool match.

The match was good even though Adam�s team lost. They shot one of the best teams in the league. I was so proud because Adam shot great. I could tell that he wasn�t nervous at all. Even though he lost, he did shoot really well.

We went home and relaxed for a bit before going to the Eagle�s for drinks. We had a few drinks, then went to Subway for dinner and then home. We were both beat. We watched Sopranos and just kind of fell asleep.

It was a good thing I woke up on Sunday or else Adam would have been very late to work. He set the alarm for 10:30am , but either it didn�t go off or we didn�t hear it. I�m thinking we were sleeping too heavily to hear it. I woke him up 3 minutes before 1. He was supposed to be there at noon. There were already customers who were waiting to go inside when he arrived.

I didn�t wake back up until around 4. I woke up in a bad mood because I looked around our room and realized that there was trash everywhere. Our room was disgusting looking. The flies are coming back as well. I got up and started throwing trash into one of those Hefty Steel Sak bags. I straightened up the bedroom and cleaned the bathroom really well. By the time I finished, it was almost time for Adam to come home.

I was so glad to see him when he got there. I missed him. We went to Taco Bell and then met Nate to get trees at his house. I thought we were going to stay in for the night , but he wanted to go out for a drink or two. Of course�..I was a little pissed when he left. I hadn�t seen him all day and wanted to hang out with him. I realize that just because I didn�t want to go doesn�t mean that he has to not go too, but there have been too many times where I went somewhere just because he wanted to. I just want fairness.

He was late coming home, but I didn�t get upset.

We watched the rest of Sopranos season 4. Then went to sleep.

The start of another week�.I hope it goes by quickly.

missdahling at 4:24 p.m.