Nov. 09, 2004

Playing Susie Homemaker

Kitty loves his new toy that I got him last night. It's a few colorful feathers attached to a stretchy piece of string which is connected to a piece of plastic stick. I dangled it in front of his face and he would jump and flip and get very excited. I also got him new kitty food that he is going to share with Auto.

Last night after work I went to Wal Mart to buy cleaning supplies. I got home and realized that wash needed done, so I opted for doing wash instead of cleaning. That, I will tackle tomorrow night. It won't be that bad because Adam cleaned all of the trash out of our room. The clutter came from trash and laundry.

While I was at Wal Mart, I realized that I'm going to need household things for when we move out in the spring. Everything that we have now belongs to Nicole. Tomorrow I might make a list of things that I'll need to buy.

I had just finished all the wash I was doing last night (I still have about two more loads to do) when Adam came home. I was laying on the bed with Kitty when he walked in the door. We smoked two bowls together. It was the first I had smoked all day. When we were sitting on the bed, I leaned over to pet Kitty and Adam goes,"I was looking at your ass. I was wondering if you were wearing a thong, or didn't have underwear on at all."

Of course I let him find out for himself. It seems like I've been having sex more within the past week or so. :-) He hardly ever disappoints me when it comes to that.

I'm still taking Effexor. I went to the doctor's today for a checkup. I have seen some difference in my attitude and the way I deal with everyday things. The doctor said that I could see more changes within the next two weeks, and then I should just stay at a plateau. I go back in three months for another checkup. She said that after six months, she wants to ween me off of it. We'll see how that goes.

I was up early today and again tomorrow. I am having breakfast with my mom. Should be fun. Then I can come back home and sleep for a little while.

Tonight Adam and I are renting some movies and just relaxing I think. I hope so anyway; I'm a little tired.

missdahling at 9:26 p.m.