Nov. 10, 2004

Nick Jr.

What ever happened to cool shows that used to be on Nick Jr.? Dora, Spongebob, and whoever else is on that channel now just sucks. I can remember back to when I was younger and they used to have the best shows on. David the Gnome, Pinwheel, The Elephant Show, Miah the Bee .... does anyone else remember those?

My parents have a satellite dish now, but up until the time I was about 17, we got five television channels because we lived so far out in the country that there weren't enough houses around us to have cable. yes, I said five. We got the main stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, and WVIA. Then, when I was about 6 yrs. old, we got Fox.

When my mother would work my sister Megan and I would go to the babysitter's house for the day and watch all those great shows. Now, you have to understand this; the 'babysitter' was this old woman, who had 3 daughters; two of which were about 30 yrs. old and still lived at home with her. She used to watch other kids too. They all felt the same way about her that Megan and I did; they hated her and hated being at her house.

I just had a conversation with my sister over IM about it. I'm going to post the convo for personal reasons ... kind of a reminiscing type thing....

psykOskank17: hey, do you remember going to Mrs. Knarr's and watching Nick Jr.? we used to watch shows like Miah the Bee, Pinwheel, Eureeka's Castle, David the Gnome and the Elephant Show?

Auto response from megs1913: wednesday's are no fun

back around 7

sister: umm i remember eureekas castle(cuz that was my favorite), the elephant show and vaguely david the gnome
sister: why?
psykOskank17: just wondering ... I was just thinking about those shows
psykOskank17: David the Gnome rode around on his pet fox named Swift
sister: hmm remember when i used to sleep on the top of mrs knarrs sofa li ke a cat?
sister: haha yeh that was a strange show now that i think about it
psykOskank17: yeah and she used to get pissed off
psykOskank17: lol
sister: dude change ur colors
sister: i have to highlight everything u say in order to read it
sister: lol
psykOskank17: ok
sister: muuuch better
psykOskank17: you touched a Precious Moment of MRs' Knarr's and she beat you that one time
sisrer: haha seriously?
psykOskank17: she had all those precious moments in the living room to the right
sister: how old was i?
psykOskank17: yeah, she didn't actually beat you, but she slapped you on the hand or something
psykOskank17: and you cried
psykOskank17: I don't know, I just remember it happening
sister: huh i don 't remember
psykOskank17: I swear, that's why I always hated being outside because of her.
psykOskank17: cuz she used to make us play out there in the hot sun with no shade
sister: yeh i know!
sister: i don't like to go outside now either
sister: mom always yells at us bc we sit inside all day but i think thats why
sister: like i hate sitting in the sun when its hott out. . . i cant take it
psykOskank17: we used to try to get some shade by standing right along the house
psykOskank17: I can't believe she used to let us out there by ourselves....she didn't even watch us
psykOskank17: and that Seseme Street swingset with the bigbird rings you could hang from
sister: i fell off one of those swings i remember
psykOskank17: yeah, I remember that
psykOskank17: I used to cry everytime I found out that I had to go there
psykOskank17: once I had a dream that Suzanne watched us instead and then I woke up and was upset
sister: lol
sister: she always used to beat that one little girl
sister: and that scared me
sister: lol
psykOskank17: hahaha
psykOskank17: who , Michelle?
sister: lol yeh
sister: the most i can remember about being there is eating hot dogs, cheese balls and fruit roll ups for lunch while listening to oldies and she was always de-fuzzing things with that pink little gadget
psykOskank17: L O L !!!
psykOskank17: I remember that too ... she was always all about the de-fuzzing
psykOskank17: and then those daughters who used to live there .... they were like, 30 yrs old and were unmarried, living with their mother
psykOskank17: I think Shelly was the most normal daughter
sister: mm i don't remember alot about them
sister: i always used to feel bad for that other brother and sister that went there bc they got dropped off at like 5am
psykOskank17: they wore big 80's style glasses
sister: and i can remember thinking oh my goodness that has to be terrible
sister: hahahaha
psykOskank17: her own grandkids don't even like going there
sister: well thats cuz she was a crazy ass
sister: lol
sister: well i gotta get going to class
sister: latterrrrrr fred :-)
psykOskank17: alright, I'll talk to you later

missdahling at 4:15 p.m.