Nov. 08, 2004

Great Weekend

Yes, it's Monday afternoon once again. Actually, Monday morning for me because I just got up not too long ago. Of course I was woken up this morning by the kitty. He pissed on our bed this morning so we had to get up to change the sheets. I was able to fall back asleep for a little while though.

Again, the weekend went by entirely too quick. It seemed to fly by even faster this weekend because it was a good one, which I am thankful for. Lately Adam and I have been kind of at each other's throats for some reason, so it was awesome to have a 'nice weekend' with him. A weekend without any fighting or knit picking at each other. It was one of the nicer weekends that I've had in awhile.

On Friday after work I ran to the bank to withdraw money. I should have done it on Thursday when I was there, but didn't think of it. Liz, Liz M. and I hung out for awhile after I got done doing business at the bank. We ordered food from Garden Terrace and ate it there. We had planned on going out to eat, but Liz's brother wasn't feeling well and wanted us to stay with him. His head has been feeling funny lately. When I was there on Friday he went to the emergency room to get it checked out. I haven't spoken with Liz since, so I don't know how he is doing or what the results were.

I picked Adam up from work and we went home and smoked before going to Danley's. I ended up getting drunk off of captain and pineapple. I had fun there too. A gay kid from my high school was there so I sat and talked with him for awhile. My friend Nick (who is also gay) had been seeing him about two years back. He hasn't talked to him since and neither have I. I should get his number from his brother and call him. We stayed at Danley's for a while and then decided we would leave.

We stopped at the Eagle's when we left Danley's, but I only had one drink, then I ordered a pepsi. I was already feeling good and I didn't want to overdo it. I am prone to getting sick when I drink now. I still had fun at the Eagle's though.

I remember coming home after we had gone to UniMart and playing with kitty in the hallway. Malone and Nicole were ripping our carpet up. The hardwood floors look amazing. I think they said that they were going to stain it a cherry color too. I don't remember though. I was drunk.

We smoked and then had sex. And that was the end of our Friday night.

For some reason, I woke up early on Saturday morning. I didn't mind though because I love waking up and realizing that it is the weekend. I played with kitty, and actually showered before the pool match. I never do that. Once Adam got ready we smoked a bowl like we usually do before we leave.

The match was at the Legion this week. It was the first home match since the first one Adam shot in. He didn't even get a shot this week. He broke and then the guy from the other team ran the table. Like one of Adam's teammates said,"He shouldn't feel bad. You can't win if you don't even get a shot!" By the end of the pool match, I was pretty fucked up. Both drunk and stoned. I had four beers while I was there. That is more than I usually drink in a night and I drank it within the span of about two hours. I sort of stumbled out of the legion and into the car. Adam dropped me off at home because he wanted to go to the #1's to have some beers.

I got inside and wanted to sit down, but first needed to find kitty. Kitty and I settled down on the bed. He just hung out and I smoked. Being fucked up and bored and wanting Adam to come home quickly, I decided to pass some time by calling people. I must have went through my phone book and started dialing because just today I checked my outgoing calls and basically everyone in my phonebook is listed. Yet, I don't really remember talking to anyone.

"Are you too fucked up to smoke another one?" he asked when he got home.
Of course I wasn't. We smoked another bowl and then went to the Eagle's. I was getting hungry so we didn't stay too long.

We ordered OIP from the bar and left when it was about time to pick it up. We also stopped at the video store to pick up some movies. He got more Sopranos discs and we also rented Van Helsing.

My ravioli from OIP were sooo good. I ate too much though because I threw up then. Luckily we were done having sex and just getting ready to watch Sopranos. That would have been horrible if I would have thrown up during sex. I've heard of this happening to people, or people doing this to other people, but I've never experienced it. Fortunatly. But P.S. Raviolis are not fun to throw up.

In the middle of the night I woke up to see Adam still watching Sopranos. I watched a some episodes with him and we smoke again. I was feeling much better at this point. I fell asleep while watching Sopranos and didn't wake up until the next morning around noon.

Getting up at noon wasn't something I wanted to do, so I forced myself to go abck to sleep for awhile. The next thing I knew, it was 3 o'clock. I hate sleeping that late because I feel like my whole day is wasted, but I was tired from the day before.

I didn't do a lot yesterday. By the time I got ready, it was already about five o'clock. Adam and I went to the Ends, and then met Ben at the Eagle's. Adam and Ben stayed at the Eagle's and drank beer and shot pool. I went home for a little bit to smoke. When I went back, Adam was ready to go. We ate chinese food last night. I wanted Red Lobster, but he said next week instead because he will have more money to spend. I also got Subway for a snack that I ate later on in the night.

We watched Van Helsing. It was a good movie but I didn't really pay attention to it very closely. Adam and I fell asleep very early. Actually, I think I fell asleep during the last half hour of the movie.

Now I have to wait a few more days for the weekend to come again....ugh. Why does it have to end.

missdahling at 1:45 p.m.