Aug. 11, 2004

Captain Morgan and Pineapple Juice

After work last night Adam, his friend Ryan and I went back to our house to smoke. Malone had some people over, but we didn't really visit with them. The three of us hung out for awhile until Ryan had to go home. He couldn't be out too late because he had to work at eight this morning.

Boyfriend and I went to Danley's then. Between the two of us we had around ten dollars so we didn't stay very long. I think I found a new favorite drink though. Ok, two summers ago I went to a party at a friends house and drank Captain Morgan and pineapple juice. Until last night, I hadn't had it since then. I'm not even sure why I decided to try it again but it was excellent.

When we got back home I wasn't stoned anymore. I was drunk. Not anialated drunk, but feeling good. I am more sociable when I have a few drinks in me so I didn't mind when Adam said he wanted to go upstairs to where the party was. We didn't stay up there very long though. I don't mind when we have people pver, but when I hang out with everyone, I feel much older than everyone else. Most of the kids who come are four - one yr. younger than me. I can only take so much.

While watching the Family Guy, we finished the rest of the weed. I vowed not to smoke again until we buy 1/4 from Zach. It might only be a few days, but still...I need to cut back and something is better than nothing.

I had sex last but I don't remember details....I was a little out of it....

This morning on my way to the bank I saw a dog walking along the side of the highway. My first thought was to stop to pick it up. I called Adam and he said,"Just let it go, hunni. You can't pick it up. You don't know what it might have."

I got home and was kind of upset about it. I wanted that dog. But get this, Adam told me ONE of my Christmas presents. He said,"Maybe there'll be a puppy in your stocking at Christmas."

A dog!!!! I want it before Christmas and I told him this. He doesn't have the money for it now, but he said we can start looking this weekend. I'm so excited. I'll have my very own dog. The dogs at my parent's house were my sister's, so actually, I've never owned a dog before. I can't wait. I will buy it cute dog clothes, a nice bed, toys ..... this will be awesome!!!

The only thing is, he said that I don't get to help pick the dog out. I trust him though. He assures me that it will be cute and I'm sure I'll love it.

missdahling at 7:05 p.m.