Aug. 13, 2004


I'm so glad it's Friday. The weekend is ahead and that makes me happy.

I know what I'm getting Adam for Christmas. We keep talking about getting a new, bigger, and better tv, so I think I'm getting a big screen. I need to look around, price them and see about putting one on layaway so I can make payments on it. Hopefully it can be paid of be December.

I know that it will be kind of a gift for both of us, but I plan on getting him a few other smaller things that will be just for him. He was going to get me a puppy for Christmas which would have been for the both of us to share, so a tv is good too. Besides, we need one. I think he'd enjoy it more than I would anyway.

well, gotta go. I'll write why on Mon. Have a nice weekend all!

missdahling at 9:41 p.m.