Nov. 03, 2004


I am having a very stressful day. Work has been super busy the enrire time I have been here. Everyone is calling in with invalid username or password errors because we changed some things around on our server which results in people thinking they are having a problem (which they are) so they call us. Lucky us. I have hardly any time to relax. I realize that I am at work and we're not really supposed to have free time, but god, a breather would be nice.

Last night Adam and I came right home after I got off work. I was glad because I missed my kitty. He is doing well and still oh so cute. He sleeps on our bed beside me at night. Last night, in the middle of the night he woke up and started biting my hair and trying to play. I woke up and pet him until I fell asleep. I guess he fell back asleep too. I want to name him Stiffler (think American Pie), but Adam thinks it's stupid. Actually, I think he's jealous because this morning I said to him,"I liked Stiffler before I liked you." He replied with,"Name the cat whatever the fuck you want." So, I will take him literally, even though I know that he meant to be sarcastic, and name him Stiffler. I always said that if I get a dog I would name it Stiffler. Now that I have a kitty who is technically mine, I think that name is great. Besides, who doesn't like Stiffler?

On my lunch break today I went home to give Adam and I's rent to the landlords. They are fixing up the apartment next to ours. Next month they said that they are making new leases for us. That way, Nicole and I will actually be on the lease. I wanted on it anyway, just to kind of cover my ass in case something would happen. For example, when Malone kicked Nicole out, he could have actually KICKED her out because she was not on the lease. I don't want that happening to me.

I cannot wait to go home and relax. Thirty more minutes .... I will make it...

missdahling at 9:15 p.m.