Nov. 01, 2004

A New Kitty

This weekend was mediocre. I didn't celebrate Halloween or go to any parties. It was kind of like it wasn't even Halloween. I'm not a kid anymore, I guess.

I babysat Derek and Rebekah for a few hours on Friday night. I was asked at last minute, but since Adam was working until midnight anyway I thought ,"Hell, why not..." I was only there from 7-11:30, so we watched a movie until about 10 and then it was time for them to go to sleep. So I watched T.v. by myself until their dad came home.

When I picked Adam up at work he said that he wanted to stop in the Eagle's. I wasn't opposed to this idea at first, but when I got there I realized I wanted to go home. So I did just that. I expected Adam to come home a little later, but I didn't know he was going to stay until closing time. It pissed me off when he came home and woke me up wanting to smoke a bowl. We got into a little tiff but made up. Yes, we did smoke together too. Then had sex of course.

The pool match on Saturday was at the Hookies. It was only the second time I had been in there. The first was on my 21st birthday. The team won the match but Adam lost his game....again. I want him to win one of these Saturdays!! He has to!

Mike, the other bartender at the #1's had wings on special so I got 6 old bay on the way home from the match.

We smoked a bowl after I ate my wings. I gave him head before he went to work too. I must say, I thought I did a good job.

I went out to dinner at Hoss' after I dropped Adam off at work. I had sirloin tips, a baked potatoe and the salad bar. I hung out at their house until it was time to pick Adam up.

We stopped in the Eagle's to sign the book. I had a glass of wine and Adam had a beer, then we went home to relax. We smoked, and watched a little Family Guy. Then Malone called my phone and asked if Adam and I wanted to play Scrabble. I didn't want to, but Adam did so he went to play. This pissed me off for a few reasons. One, because it seemed like he wanted to hang out with them instead of me. And two, because I once played Scrabble with them and he called me. He asked what I was doing and when I told him, he said sarcastically,"Oh, sounds like fun..." While he was playing Scrabble, I fell asleep.

The next morning I was still pissed off about it. Not to mention that I was up at 10:30 am and I blame this on him. If he wouldn't have played Scrabble, I wouldn't have fallen asleep. Therefore, I wouldn't have been awake that early. My mom called around noon and said that they were eating in 15 minutes and asked if I wanted to come out. When my phone rang, I said,"Oh good, maybe it's someone who actually wants to hang out with me!"

I was only at my parent's house for a little while and went home. I still didn't feel like seeing Adam, so I went to the kitchen where Nicole was making breakfast for herself. I have no idea where this idea came from, but I said to her,"Hey, I want to go to the pet store and buy a kitten."

As soon as I knew it, I was walking out of Pet World with a little, orange, buddle of fur. We went to Wal-Mart and bought food, a cat bed, litterbox, litter, toys, and snacks. He was so good driving home. He sat on Nicole's lap and slept pretty much the whole time.

The new kitty and Auto were hilarious together. They don't quite know what to think of one another yet so they were hissing a little and Auto would try to 'playfully attack' my kitten. It was so cute.

Adam had no idea that I was going to get a cat. He was still sleeping when I proposed the idea in my mind. I went and sat on the bed with the kitten and he came out of the bathroom and said,"What the hell is that?!" He was surprised, but he does like the cat. How could he not? he is so, so cute though. I love him.

I watched the Patriots get their asses kicked last night. Amazing, isn't it? I called Liz to tell her about kitty and she said I could come over to Obendorf's. We watched the game and ate tacos. I wanted to get home though to check on kitty.

While we were at the Rescue's last night we tried calling around to find trees but noone had any. We're having one last horrah and then we're seriously cutting back. Christmas is coming up and we need to save money.

The kitty doesn't like sleeping in his cat bed that I bought for him; he likes Adam and I's bed. He slept beside me pretty much the whole night.

Oh yeah ... we can't think of a name for him. Does anyone have any suggestions?

missdahling at 2:33 p.m.